Premier League Season ticket price increase ahead of the 24/25 season revealed


The 24/25 Premier League fixtures have finally been announced and it has been revealed that the average season ticket price for the Premier Leagues 24/25 season has increased by 7.5%. The study analysed the cheapest ticket prices from last season compared to the 2024/2025 season to reveal which clubs have hiked their ticket prices the most.

Ticketgum sought to uncover the Premier League clubs that have increased their season ticket prices the most for the 24/25 season. To do so, the experts sourced official ticket price data from each club’s website, to reveal the least affordable clubs for fans.

Highlights from the research:

  • Southampton season ticket prices have increased the most ahead of the 24/25 season, with the cheapest tickets increasing by 26.4%
  • Everton is the only club to have decreased their season ticket prices for the 2024/25 season (-7.5%)
  • Arsenal have the most expensive prices for their cheapest season ticket (£1,073) and West Ham United have the cheapest tickets (£345)
  • Wolverhampton and Crystal Palace are the only two clubs to freeze their cheapest ticket prices

The results: The Premier League clubs increasing their season ticket prices the most

RankTeam23/24 Cheapest Adult Ticket 24/25 Cheapest Adult TicketTicket Price % Change
2.Nottingham Forest£465£55018.3%
4.West Ham United£310£34511.3%
5.Manchester City£385£42510.4%
6.Newcastle United£600£66210.3%
11.Ipswich Town£353£3725.4%
=13.Leicester City£385£4044.9%
=13.Aston Villa£610£6404.9%
16.Man Utd£559£5793.6%
=18.Crystal Palace£545£5450%

Southampton season tickets have increased the most ahead of the 24/25 season

Ticketgum can reveal that Southampton is the Premier League club that has increased their prices the most with an increase of 26.4% for their cheapest tickets, and a 13.7% increase for their most expensive tickets. Saints supporters will have to pay £479 for the cheapest season ticket – £100 more than the 23/24 season.

In second place is Nottingham Forest, with a hefty season ticket price increase of 18.3%, rising from £465 to £550. However, fans have the option of forking out up to £850 with their most expensive ticket, which is a 28.8% increase (£190) from last year. Forest’s rivals, and newly promoted Leicester City place thirteenth on the list, with a 4.9% increase for their cheapest ticket, and a 10% increase for their most expensive season ticket available.

Following closely behind In third place is Brentford with a price increase of 18.1%, increasing from £419 to £495. Brentford’s biggest rivals Fulham rank fifteenth, with a 4% increase to £619 for their cheapest ticket – £124 more than Brentford’s season ticket price.

Everton is the only Premier League club decreasing the cost of their cheapest 24/25 season ticket 

Ticketgum can reveal that Everton is the only Premier League team decreasing their 24/25 season tickets, with a £45 decrease (7.5%) in their cheapest ticket price from £600 in 23/24 to £555 for the 24/25 season. 


  1. Ticketgum sought to uncover the Premier League clubs that have increased their season ticket prices the most.
  2. Season ticket prices for both 23/24 and 24/25 were sourced from official club websites, in which the most recent prices were taken.

*Please note: Fulham Football club have not yet displayed their official season ticket prices, however, Fulham did make an announcement that their Hammersmith & Putney Ends and John Hayes Stands would be increasing by 4%, so we have used this statement to determine an estimated season ticket price.

  1. The percentage increase was calculated and clubs were ranked according to ticket price change for their most expensive season tickets available.
  2. Please find the full dataset here.
  3. This data was collected in June 2024 and is accurate as of then.

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