Preschooler parenting tips by International School in Japan


Having a preschooler who is energetic and interested in learning everything is challenging for parents. All the while, you’ve got to be keeping an eye on your tiny bundle of joy. You may also find it sometimes difficult and exhausting to chase after your child. 


One of the most challenging tasks in the world is raising children. So here is some parenting advice to assist you in increasing your preschooler in the manner you want.


Best Preschool Parenting Advice

  • Improve their Ability to Communication

Toddlers’ ability to communicate is critical to their development. To do well in Japanese Kindergarten, your child must be able to communicate effectively with other students and their instructors.

  • Help them be a Good Listener.

Your child has to participate in a variety of activities at preschool, such as singing, painting, and listening to the instructor explain concepts. 

All of these activities will need your child to be calm and attentive. He can participate more actively in preschool activities if he is an excellent listener.

  • Teach them Teamwork

When your toddler begins attending school, he will spend a considerable portion of the day with his friends and instructors and participate in various group activities. To guarantee that your child can interact with other children, you’ll need to educate your child about collaboration.

  • Coach them to follow guidelines

Before starting International School in Japan, you should tell your kid that they must obey the teacher’s orders. It would help if you instilled the importance of following instructions and guidelines in your kid. 

  • Help toddlers learn using stationary.

Pencils, crayons, scissors, wax, and other art supplies are standard in preschool activities. Activities like sketching and painting might help your youngster learn how to manage them properly. As kids age, they may be taught to write letters, numbers, and more.

  • Encourage Independence

To ensure that your toddler’s face and hands are clean, you will be at home to wipe them after meals or playing.


In preschool, students may be required to accomplish everything on their own. It would be best if you prepared him for a few things before he starts Japanese Kindergarten. Toddlers learn responsibility and independence by doing these simple duties, which will benefit them later in life.

  • Have them follow a set Routine

It’s critical for both of you to stick to a regular schedule for things like playtime, meals, snacks, and sleep. In addition to teaching your child self-discipline, this method will also benefit you in terms of better time management.

  • Don’t be too strict.

Discipline is not to be mistaken for lack of leniency. If you’re overly strict with your kids, they’ll become resistant. 


As a result, you must kindly approach your kid and acquire his trust so he can openly speak with you. It will also strengthen your relationship with your kid.

  • Don’t Encourage their Tantrums.

Don’t be too demanding or tolerant. If your youngster throws a fit, don’t let it go unnoticed. It’s better to tell him to do anything different than let him go crazy on a single issue. It would be best if you tried to figure out what’s causing the problem and fix it.

  • Could you not make them feel like an Adult?

Let go of the idea that he would instantaneously grasp your every word. International School in Japan instructs to allow them to develop at their speed and be patient with them. As long as you’re supportive and positive, he’ll keep trying. 


Your child is still a kid, even if you wish to treat them like an adult. It would be best if you remembered that.

  • Avoid saying “no” to everything.

Be careful about how frequently you say “no.” If you often deny your children’s requests, they may come to believe that they are unwanted or unloved.


Try to be as kind as possible while telling your youngster “no.” He’ll get it if you explain why you’re saying no.

  • Praise them for their excellent behavior.

When our efforts are recognized and appreciated, we love that feeling. The same is valid for children. One of the most important things you can do as a parent is constantly reinforce positive behavior in your kid.

  • Don’t overload them with tasks.

As individuals, children develop at their rates and are unique in many ways. However, as a parent, you are responsible for recognizing and embracing your child’s talents. 


According to Japanese Kindergarten, it’s crucial not to cram too many things into their mouths simultaneously. Maintain a comfortable routine for your youngster.

  • Be Their Role Model

Kids spend the maximum time of a day with their parents. Your behavior, way of doing a task, and what kind of work you do, everything impacts them. Hence, it would help if you first became your kid’s role model.

  • Build a Strong bond

It might not be easy, but raising a kid is also a wonderful experience. Have fun with your child and appreciate the simple things.


You may build trust and a solid relationship when you and your kid do basic activities together. To be a parent and a friend at the same time to your children, you must be someone your children can trust.


Mistakes Parents Make When Raising Preschool Children

Every parent wants the best for their children. However, their good intentions sometimes may backfire or demoralize their youngsters. 


International School in Japan sorted out the following blunders parents often make while dealing with their young children:


  • Don’t be a Bad Example

Intuitive children pick up on what they see from their parents and their environment. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to model excellent behavior for your children.


It’s unreasonable to expect your children to follow your diet of potato chips and sweets. If you want your kid to develop a love of reading, you must display it for them.


  • Avoid saying “Yes” to all their Demands.

It would help if you resisted your child’s demands practically all the time. If you consistently say “yes” to your youngster, he’ll ask for everything.


The best way to avoid being manipulated by your kid is by saying “no” when the time comes. Japanese Kindergarten advises parents to explain the reason behind saying “no.”

  • Don’t be Overprotective.

Overprotection may stifle a child’s development since parents naturally protect their children. A child must not rely on their parents for everything. 


It would be best if you allowed them to take the lead in activities they can carry out. Let him fall a few times before you rush to his aid. Let him figure out how to stand on his own. Let him grow up a little bit!


  • Don’t Bribe

When parents want to get their children to do something, it’s typical for them to resort to bribery in the form of chocolates or other gifts. It might also go wrong, and they could grow to despise you for it.


  • Never Compare with their Sibling

Many parents overlook the fact that each kid attending International School in Japan is unique with distinct characteristics. Never make comparisons between two kids. 


They will be discouraged and feel unwanted as a result of this kind of behavior. They may also develop a dislike for their siblings.



Being a parent of a Japanese Kindergarten student is both challenging and rewarding. If you ever find yourself struggling with your kid’s enthusiasm and curiosity. Check out these recommendations given above. Don’t forget to pat your back for doing this fantastic job.