Cervical cancer or cervical cancer is a malignant tumor that attacks the very bottom of the uterus. This disease can attack women from various backgrounds and age levels.

Considering that cervical cancer can strike anyone, Roche Diagnostics Indonesia held a media briefing entitled “Early Detection Innovations to Increase Cervical Cancer Screening Coverage in Indonesia” on Thursday (19/05/2022).

1. The rate of early detection of cervical cancer is still low
From a release received by IDN Times on Thursday (19/05/2022), the Ministry of Health noted that there were only 2.8 million patients who had cervical cancer checked. This figure needs to be increased to reduce the risk of advanced cervical cancer patients.

Ahmed Hassan, Director and Country Manager of Diagnostics Roche Indonesia, also explained that 60 percent of the global community still faces barriers to routine check-ups due to various factors.

“These are obstacles in carrying out early detection of a disease. In cervical cancer that is detected late, the patient’s life expectancy can drop to less than 20 percent,” said Ahmed.

2. Prevent cervical cancer as early as possible
Described by dr. Aldrin, one effective way to prevent cervical cancer is to do regular screening. Although it is a deadly disease, early treatment can prevent cancer cells from growing.

He explained, doing a healthy lifestyle and vaccination can also prevent cervical cancer. Avoid risky sexual intercourse or multiple partners.

3. Risk factors for those who are already sexually active
Another resource person, Prof. Dr. dr. Andrijono, SpOG(K)Onk., as Chair of the Advisory Board of the Indonesian Gynecological Oncology Association, explained that sexually active women are more susceptible to cervical cancer than women who have never had sex. This is because the human papillomavirus (HPV), which can be transmitted through sexual intercourse, is one of the triggers for cervical cancer.

Therefore, HPV vaccination is important to prevent the growth of uterine cancer cells.

4. Watch out for the symptoms
Although precancerous cells for cervical cancer rarely cause symptoms, there are some things to watch out for related to uterine health. Reported by the Cancer Council , common symptoms of cervical cancer include:

5. There needs to be the cooperation of all of us
Before closing the event, dr. Aldrin explained the need for support from various levels of society to prevent and reduce the number of cervical cancer patients in Indonesia. Dissemination of information and wider access are key for Indonesia in fighting cervical cancer.

To achieve this, it is important to have cooperation between government, private and community institutions. This cooperation can be strengthened through management or guidance in dealing with cervical cancer.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Do not forget to do regular screening to determine the health of the uterus. Also spread information about cervical cancer and uterine health to those closest to them so that they can avoid this malignancy.

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