Prince Harry responds to Jeremy Clarkson’s column by criticizing the lack of royal support for Meghan


The Royal Family has come under fire from Prince Harry for allegedly neglecting to stand up for his wife Meghan in the row over a Jeremy Clarkson newspaper piece.

The Duke of Sussex stated in an ITV interview that the “deafening quiet” on the “horrific” Sun piece from last month is.

He compared this to the prompt response that had been given following a race dispute at a Buckingham Palace banquet.

Additionally, Prince Harry stated that he did not think that remarks made regarding the skin tone of his kid by an unnamed royal were racist.

The columnist was said to be “dreaming of the day when she is obliged to walk naked through the streets of every town in Britain while the mob cry ‘Shame!’ and toss chunks of excrement at her” in the Clarkson article on Meghan.

The Sun later removed the piece, which led to an apology from both the publication and Mr. Clarkson. Prince Harry called the article “horrific, terrible, and brutal toward my wife,” and it was later removed.

“The monarchy is being pressed for some kind of statement by the globe. The silence, though, is deafening. Putting it mildly “said he.

“After six years, they haven’t spoken a word about anything involving my wife.”

The prince compared the absence of a royal response to that piece with the circumstances surrounding a meeting between Lady Susan Hussey and Ngozi Fulani that took place at Buckingham Palace just three weeks before.

Ms. Fulani, the founder of a black charity in Britain, attended a gathering that Camilla, the Queen Consort, hosted.

Lady Hussey continually questioned her about where she was “truly from,” and Ms. Fulani afterwards expressed her offense at the encounter.

The Palace quickly apologized for the commotion, and a private meeting between the two women was scheduled.

In a statement, the palace called the comments “inappropriate and profoundly unfortunate.” In the end, Lady Hussey gave up her position as lady of the house.

Prior to the release of his biography Spare on Tuesday, Prince Harry defended Lady Hussey in an interview with Tom Bradby, claiming that “she had never meant any harm at all.”

However, he drew attention to the disparity in treatment between his wife and Ms. Fulani as a result of Jeremy Clarkson’s remarks against her.

In a 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry and Meghan claimed that a member of the Royal Family had voiced concerns about the skin tone of their unborn child. This issue was brought up again during the ITV interview.

Once more, Prince Harry omitted the identity of the person and stated that “unconscious bias” rather than racism may have been at play.

He responded, “I wouldn’t, not having lived within that family,” when asked if he would view the questions as racist.

In the Oprah interview, he denied accusing members of the Royal Family of racism, claiming that the “British press had reported it.”

The extensive interview also covered the conflicts that arose after Meghan joined the Royal Family.

Bradby claimed that there was a perception that Prince William and Catherine did not “get on” with Meghan “almost from the get-go.”

Prince Harry affirmed that it was a reasonable comment when asked if it was.

The relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan was strained, according to Prince Harry, since they were seen as the “new kids on the block” who threatened to “take the limelight” from other royals.

He said the following about his brother Prince William and his wife Catherine: “I’ve always wanted the four of us to get along.

“But it rapidly turned into Meghan vs. Kate.

He said to Bradby, “And that, when it plays out so openly, you can’t hide from it.”

He discussed the times when he was the “third wheel” during formal engagements and other trips during the 95-minute interview, but he also spoke about how warm his friendship with Prince William and Catherine was at the time.

When he found his own partner and they became a foursome, he thought it would continue, but it was not to be.

He claimed that a negative press had exacerbated prejudices about Meghan, such as her status as a “American actress, divorcee, and biracial.”

Furthermore, his brother and sister-in-law had difficulty “welcoming her in” to the family because of the preconceived notions they had about the new woman in their lives.

While Prince William never attempted to convince Prince Harry not to wed Meghan, he did “voice some worries” and cautioned Harry: “This is going to be incredibly hard for you,” according to Prince Harry

“Even now, I’m still not sure exactly which paragraph he was referring to. However, it’s possible that he foresaw how the British press would respond.”

In the conversation, Harry also discussed the emotional toll that his mother’s passing had on him. In his book, he writes of going back to the Paris car crash site and requesting to be driven through it at the same pace as his mother had in 1997.

He stated: “I had always envisioned the tunnel to be some perilous, fundamentally deadly path, but it was actually simply a brief, uncomplicated, no-frills tunnel. Never should anyone perish there for whatever cause.”

He did not think it was necessary to revisit the vehicle accident investigation, although he disagreed with the official findings regarding the night of the collision.

A 2008 inquest determined that Diana was unlawfully killed in part as a result of her driver’s “gross carelessness,” who was intoxicated and driving too fast.

Prince Harry stated during the interview that the tunnel posed “even after having one or two drinks, there is no risk of anyone losing control. It was very difficult to lose control of a car unless you were totally blind while driving, “suggesting that the driver’s attention from the paparazzi might have contributed to the accident.

He claimed that “the ones who were primarily responsible for it, all got away with it.”

The events leading up to the automobile collision were described as “like a cycling chain,” according to Prince Harry, who also said that after Diana passed away, he and his brother William were seated in a room and informed as much.

Harry recalls hearing, “If you take just one of those links out of the chain, the end consequence doesn’t happen.”

William was informed that “the result wouldn’t have been the same” when he questioned what may have occurred if the paparazzi had not been pursuing Diana’s car.

Harry mentioned in the interview that he hoped to someday mend fences with his father and brother.

“It is absolutely possible for me to forgive because I want my father back. I want my brother to come back “said said.

As much as they presumably don’t recognize me right now, I don’t currently recognize them.

The “antagonist,” he claimed, is the tabloid press because they “want to create as much friction as possible.”

The ITV interview is the first of four upcoming broadcast appearances to promote Spare; nevertheless, all of them took place in the US.

A few hours after ITV’s presentation, Prince Harry spoke with Anderson Cooper for 60 Minutes on CBS News about Camilla, the Queen Consort, and her relationship with the media, which worried him.

He also had a conversation with Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan, which will air on Monday. He will also be a guest on Tuesday’s episode of Stephen Colbert’s Late Show on CBS, even though both of those programs are news-oriented.

Despite Spare not being released until Tuesday, some copies of it were sold early in Spain, leading to the leak of several excerpts. A copy has been acquired by BBC News, who is interpreting it.

Both Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace have stated they will refrain from commenting on the book’s substance.

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