Fraudulent sick leaves are increasingly recurrent situations. Within the companies, 75% of the cases, false documentation is presented alleging a condition that disables the worker, thus granting a fraudulent sick leave .

This occurs for various reasons that those who decide to incur in the falsification of important documentation, where a totally adulterated health picture of the worker is reflected, have.

Attention for these cases is complex, since capable experts in this area are required. This is where private detectives come in.

The reasons why the employees incur in these illegal actions, are presented with the objective of the employee being able to have a double working life, generating losses for the company, thus damaging the patrimony.

At Grupo Arga , you will have the best detectives to investigate fraudulent sick leave in Arganda del Rey . We ensure the recovery of lost or stolen information, from physical to digital documentation.

If you want to hire the best expert detectives in fraudulent sick leave in Arganda del Rey , you will be choosing the best decision for your company.




Fraudulent sick leave, is the approval of a sick leave under deceptive conditions, where falsified or adulterated documentation is presented, where a precarious health picture of the worker is reflected, thus motivating a sick leave .

These situations are increasingly recurrent within companies of various kinds. In Arganda del Rey , more than 36% of companies file cases for fraudulent sick leave , endangering business assets.

Many cases explain that fraudulent sick leaves are filed by employees who are going through a bad patch and want to get more income through other jobs; thus taking advantage of sick leave. With it, she will be able to continue receiving a salary in one or more companies.

A smart mechanism for those who carry out these criminal acts; who remain anonymous, avoiding any contact with the company in order to evade reality. Continuing with their lives, being able to carry out activities that go against what the health chart specifies.



Both for the person who committed the fraud and the company itself, they suffer consequences as a result of this type of situation.

The employee in question is committing a crime. Presenting adulterated information, in order to obtain a fraudulent sick leave , is an act that threatens the company and all those who make it up. These types of crimes can carry up to 2 years in prison.

These types of acts incur abuse by other employees, who keep quiet about the events and decide to commit the same crime. If people understand that within a company, there is the possibility of staying down and continuing to earn income. This would take the company to a state of progressive decline.

For this reason, it is necessary to maintain a series of strict guidelines where all information that travels physically or digitally is carefully analyzed. Letting these cases go will only leave the company’s assets and reputation in decline.

For us at Grupo Arga , we understand the consequences of these acts and for this reason we offer our services for the detection and collection of relevant information in order to ensure you, as a client, peace of mind and safe flow within your company.



Grupo Arga , was born from the need for justice; imposing ourselves in the face of precarious situations that put companies at risk. The lack of information, data, or evidence to address a case is complex to acquire. For our work team, discovering the reasons for the existing inconsistencies within your company is our mission.

We have more than 9,000 closed cases thanks to our total dedication and professionalism, having an excellent reputation thanks to our fraudulent casualty detectives in Arganda del Rey .

We understand you as the owner of your company. For this reason, we offer you an optimal and high-quality service, where an exhaustive investigation will be carried out in order to find these documents.

The investigation starts from the employee’s records within the company and previous ones in which he has worked. To allege certain medical conditions, you should already have some record of its existence in a considerable time interval. If it is a recent case; the origin of the condition is investigated, in turn, that the daily life of the employee, in order to verify that it is completely true.

If there is something that characterizes us as the best detective agency, experts in fraudulent sick leave in Arganda del Rey , it is our total ability to obtain any evidence, always low profile. Leaving an uninterrupted environment, where our presence goes unnoticed; obtaining an opportunity to grasp the veracity of the facts.

Our goal is to bring you a quality service that has all the necessary aspects for a professional investigation process, according to customer expectations. Thanks to our highly qualified detectives , we ensure that you obtain relevant information that will help your case, in order to process any legal action against the employee.

Thanks to the excellence of our services, private detectives have obtained a great demand in this type of case thanks to the ease of having experts in the field of sick leave. We at Grupo Arga will be 100% willing to bring you all the necessary tests; Your safety and that of your company is our priority.

The most important; is that you can count on the presentation of evidence that confirms or rules out the existence of a fraudulent sick leave . The investigation will provide palpable evidence in various formats to avoid any rejection in them.

Hiring our services, more than an idea, is a brilliant strategy in which you will find very satisfactory results. Being able to detect these cases in time will help restore order within your company; also adding strict security measures to avoid future inconveniences with this and other issues.






We are not an agency to use, we are much more than that. We have been dedicated to the private investigation sector for a decade now, and we have extensive experience in issues as complicated as infidelity or locating people .

When a family member, a friend, or an acquaintance disappears, it leaves a hole that is very difficult to fill. The uneasiness to find it makes us look for help and solutions in our environment, and anything seems little to us to find that person who has disappeared. Disappearances are always painful, and even more so, if the reason why that person has decided to leave is unknown, why he has left, why he has abandoned us, what reason led him to do this or that… There are many concerns and questions that fill our minds and hearts, and as a general rule, we have very little help. From there the expert team in locating people was born from Grupo Arga . It is born from a deep feeling of abandonment, from unresolved questions, and from the need to respond to all those clients who contact us for help.

In these types of cases, in which there is a disappearance involved, feelings are a fundamental part when it comes to providing the necessary help so that the result is positive. Our team has a special talent for dealing with the client in this matter, and tries to empathize as much as possible with the situation . We put ourselves in the place of the other , and we try to think and feel like our client, because only in this way, by involving ourselves at this level, can an optimal result be achieved in terms of resolving the case .

Our private detectives, always up-to-date when it comes to private security, offer their experience in other types of cases , in which the heart, feelings, and insecurity are also mixed. They are cases of infidelity .

What happens in a couple to get to incur an infidelity ? Why this insidious fact can end up destroying a marriage? The answer to these questions, we have it in ourselves. We fall into apathy, into monotony, into neglect with our partner, the relationship cracks, and it is in these cases, when the other, or the other person, looks outside for what they do not have inside.

He takes refuge in external flattery, in whom he showers with attention and pampering every minute they spend together, in a false reality, which sometimes does not compensate enough to destroy a lifetime of relationship, marriage or cohabitation. And it is at this point that the figure of the researcher comes into play. That hound that tracks every corner , that goes camera in hand

after his partner, and is witness to a lie, a falsehood, an infidelity, after all.