Procure human biospecimen panels for in-vitro studies


Any clinical research project’s success depends on a sophisticated test system. Furthermore, it is crucial to get dependable, high-quality, well-annotated human specimens with reproducible outcomes for experiments involving human biological specimens. As a result, obtaining research specimens is a crucial step that calls for caution on the part of every researcher.

What are test panels of human biospecimens?

Panel test samples are created to conduct many tests, including various patient and healthy donor samples, to track the progression of a person’s or a group of people’s disease. A panel test is a valuable laboratory procedure used to obtain a differential diagnosis from a diseased specimen or a collection of specimens. The human biospecimen test panel deals with carrying out experimental research, bioassays, population-based studies, calibration of diagnostic testing, and more to hasten ongoing and future research.

Premium quality Human Biospecimen Panels for Research.

Are you planning a research project that requires credible human disease and controls panels?

Central BioHub, the one-stop marketplace for human biospecimens, offers hundreds of Biomarker test samples for various illnesses, including pregnancy, COVID-19, chronic conditions, autoimmune diseases, metabolic disorders, rheumatology, and infectious diseases. The term “panels” refers to predetermined collections of clinical research specimens such as serum, plasma, and urine samples, which are carefully collected from patients or healthy donors (as controls). 

All samples are thoroughly examined for disease-specific laboratory parameters and have been expertly arranged with various volumes to be suitable for multiple in-vitro studies. Visit Central BioHub’s online inventory at to learn more about the human biospecimen panels that are currently available.

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