Proven Tips To Make Customer Service Great Again 


Customer service excellence may help you succeed in a variety of industries and vocations, particularly in sales, consulting, retail, food and beverage, advertising, and marketing. Building trusting connections with individuals is key to providing excellent customer service.

Even if your product is excellent, if your customer service is poor—unhelpful, unreliable, or just difficult to reach—people will find out about it, and you’ll lose business as a result.

That is a significant factor in why putting money into customer service is essential for long-term company success.

But what exactly does excellent customer service include, and how can you ensure that every client that contacts your business for assistance has a positive experience? 

We’ve come up with numerous ideas on how to make customer service great again. 

Be cordial

According to Isla Sibanda, founder of Privacy Australia: “Being amiable is the most crucial component of giving superior customer service. Always be kind and considerate, and make an effort to smile when you welcome people. 

Be proactive by observing the client’s needs and providing assistance or advice before they do. Even in tense or heated exchanges when consumers show signs of disappointment, it’s critical to constantly be nice and sympathetic to them.” 

React quickly

The promptness of your answers is another aspect of outstanding customer service. 

Customers like prompt responses to their questions, particularly if they have an urgent requirement. Try to return all calls and emails within 24 hours for excellent customer service. Inform clients how long it will take you to help them.

Know your product

Carl Jensen, co-founder of Compare Banks shares: “As a customer support representative, you spend the whole day troubleshooting for clients, thus you must be an expert on the product.

Comprehensive product knowledge is a crucial customer service competency. 

Ideally, you should have confidence in your product, be able to intelligently explain features and use cases, demonstrate to consumers how the product can help them, and fix any issues that may arise!

Your responsibility is to ensure that your consumers get actual value for their money and get the most out of their purchases. 

Make it a point to become an expert on your product so you can wow your clients with timely suggestions for utilizing new features and services.” 

Look for solutions that really satisfy consumer wants

Marie Littlewood, director at NSI states: “Many clients detest waiting, but they also detest dealing with the same problem over. They desire answers to their challenges that address their own requirements.

When giving customer service, take the time to comprehend what the client is requesting and come up with a solution that suits their needs. Make every effort to effectively and promptly fix any issues to prevent the client from needing to return.” 

When anything goes wrong, be sincere

Customers value sincerity. They want to know what went wrong and usually want firms to be completely forthright about it. Always be upfront and truthful with the consumer when you encounter a problem.

Pay attention to client satisfaction and have a caring attitude

André Disselkamp, founder of Insurancy shares: “Customers like to believe that they are the only ones who matter and that firms care about them. 

Make sure you are paying attention to the demands of the particular consumer and going above and above to meet those needs. By going above and beyond to assist the consumer, you may demonstrate your concern for their experience.”

Creatively tackle issues

Studies show that poor customer service is the main reason why consumers leave businesses. There will always be issues to fix, so you must relish the opportunity to do so and make it a key component of your support position.

Everyone has heard of Zappos’ renowned customer service. For instance, they once gave a best man complimentary shoes the night before the wedding since the delivery company misplaced his purchase and delivered it to the incorrect place. 

They gained a client for life and provided the guy with a tale that he couldn’t wait to tell. Zappos fixed an issue and demonstrated exceptional customer service.

As you work to find solutions for your client’s problems, don’t be scared to wow them. 

You might just solve the problem and move on, but by coming up with innovative solutions that go above and beyond, you’ll win over clients who will be loyal to you and your goods.

Helping clients to assist themselves

Clients don’t always want to speak to someone to fix their problem; often, they want to find a fast solution on their own. 

According to research, before contacting a live operator, over 80% of customers try to handle things on their own. According to another study, most people want to be able to handle most customer care concerns on their own.

The idea behind some self-assistance software which places assistance information front and center so users can obtain answers exactly where they are without leaving the website is that self-service is a scalable, affordable method to satisfy customers. 

Then, if they are unable to resolve their own problem, real-world assistance is just a few clicks away.


Every consumer is unique, and some may even seem to fluctuate on a weekly basis. You should be able to deal with the unexpected, gauge the client’s attitude, and adjust as necessary. 

This also entails an openness to learning. Providing excellent customer service requires ongoing learning.

Navigating difficult circumstances is a key component of customer service, and scenarios change regularly. 

Prioritizing work from the most crucial to the least urgent is the best strategy to handle challenging situations. There will often be pressing concerns that need rapid action. Such times need effective communication.