PS5 Pro could arrive in 2024 with a price of between 600 and 700 dollars?


It is not the first time that we have talked about a PS5 Pro , a console that, in theory, would be an intergenerational renewal as it was, at the time, PS4 Pro . This has very important implications that we must be clear about from the beginning, otherwise we could make serious mistakes.

When talking about an intergenerational renewal, PS5 Pro would not introduce any important news at the hardware level, nor at the technological level. It would simply be a console with more raw power than PS5, playstation 5, which means it would be able to run games at a higher resolution, with higher graphics quality, and probably with higher quality ray tracing.

Taking what we saw in PS4 Pro as a starting point, we can almost certainly assume that PS5 Pro will continue to use an 8-core, 16-thread Zen 2 processor, albeit probably at a higher frequency, which means you shouldn’t expect a significant increase in CPU requirements in cross-platform games that will arrive in the coming years. However, at the GPU level, we can expect a greater evolution.

The source of the rumour: 

speculates that the PS5 Pro will come with a completely new CPU and GPU, but personally I find it unlikely , since introducing two completely new components with very different powers would complicate, a lot, the development of games. for said console, and for PS5. I am more inclined to think in what I have told you, that PS5 Pro will mount an APU manufactured in a more efficient node, probably 6nm or 5nm, and that it will come with:

  • 8 core 16 thread Zen CPU at 4+ GHz.
  • Same amount of unified memory, or maybe a little more to free up the system, as PS4 Pro did.
  • A much more powerful GPU, but with the same technologies and the same base architecture. Again, taking PS4 and PS4 Pro as examples, both use a GCN 2.0 GPU, although the former comes in 28nm and the latter in 16nm. The latter has twice as many shaders.

PS5 Pro will cost between $600 and $700: Will it be able to move games in 8K?

At least according to the source of the news , who also believes that PS5 will be presented as a system to move games in 4K and 8K . I know that more than one of our readers will have already raised their hands to their heads, and it is normal, since PS5 was promoted as a console that was going to standardize 4K and ray tracing, and in the end it has not fulfilled any of those two promises , in fact it has become clear that it is not a 4K console .

Saying, therefore, that PS5 Pro is going to be able to move current games in 8K is being optimistic , although if we introduce AMD’s FSR into the equation we could qualify the above, since thanks to the rescaling the new Sony console could arrive at that level, as PS4 Pro did at the time with 4K, although in that case the “checkerboard rendering” technology was used, which renders only 50% of the image and applies, to that base, a reconstruction filter to extrapolate the appearance of the pixels that were not rendered.

So far, the only image reconstruction and upscaling technique that has proven capable of matching, or exceeding, the level that a game delivers at its native resolution has been NVIDIA’s second-generation DLSS , ps5 price in Bangladesh, so we should control everything. that smoke that is already beginning to arise around PS5 Pro and position it, rather, as a 4K console. Its launch will take place, in theory, between 2023 and 2024.

There is just over a month left for the expected arrival on the market of PlayStation VR2, the new virtual reality platform designed by Sony for its console. The exact date of its launch, as it was announced at the beginning of November , will be next February 22 and, as we already told you some time ago , it will mean an important technological leap with respect to the company’s current VR viewer, something that It can be measured both in its performance and in the number of functions supported.

Let’s remember, for example:

That PlayStation VR2 will have eye movement recognition technology, thanks to its association with Tobii, a company specialised in this type of function. We will still have to wait to see the concrete use that the various developers give to this technology, but just imagining its potential in horror and suspense games gives you goosebumps, literally and metaphorically.

Now, precisely when talking about the developers, one of the main concerns for all those PlayStation 5 users who are considering getting a PlayStation VR2 comes to mind. I mean, of course, that the viewer will not be compatible with the games of the first generation , that is, those of PlayStation VR. Thus, whoever wants to enjoy the latest from Sony in this sense, in addition to the viewer, will also have to go through the box to get one or two games (if they don’t already have them, of course).