QuickBooks Data Conversion Services: Most Precise & Helpful Guide


QuickBooks is a highly admired and efficient accounting application that is primarily made available in two separate versions: QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.
Many QB users often require to switch their data between these two separate versions because of their business requirements and project-based needs. This process of switching essential data between these two separate versions is called ‘QuickBooks Data Conversion Services’.
Here’s a definite blog that attempts to illustrate the highly useful processes for swift QB data conversion.
To get appropriate help for ‘QuickBooks Data Conversion Services’, just dial 1 800-417-5147 to contact our QB Professionals Team.

Accurate Processes for Easy QB Data Conversion on the System

Two different step-wise processes are explained below for swift QB Data Conversion on the system:

Procedure A: Shifting Data from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online

• First & foremost, you must apprise yourself of the fact that Intuit allows users a time of 60 days from the day of creating a QB Online account to transfer the required data.
• Next, just tap the ‘F2’ key on the keyboard to easily obtain the ‘Product Information’ window, after which you can note the present version of the QB Desktop application, and then you can update your QB Desktop immediately to make the data suitable for export.
• Thereafter, jump to the on-screen ‘Reports’ menu in order to easily choose the ‘Sales Tax Liability’ option within the ‘Vendors & Payables’ tab, and then you shall appropriately select the required date & the ‘Save as PDF’ option from the respective tabs.
• At this point, accurately save the ‘Sales Tax Liability’ file by clicking on the ‘Save’ button, after which you must utilize the admin user credentials to get access to the company file that needs to be exported.
• After logging into the required company file, choose the ‘Export Company File into QuickBooks Online’ option from the ‘Company’ menu and then just tap the ‘Start your export’ button on the window.
• Here, utilize the ‘Choose Online Company’ option to easily select the required company file that needs to be replaced with the new QB Desktop data file, and then you may also select the relevant inventory details as provided on the screen.
• To finish this process, you only have to write ‘Agree’ in the relevant field, after which you can tap the ‘Yes, go ahead and replace the data’ option shown on the window.

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Procedure B: Moving Data from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop

• Here, in this procedure, the first task is to download & install the most recent edition of the ‘QB Desktop’ application on the computer & then you must make sure that the ‘QB Desktop’ application remains open for the entire duration of this procedure.
• After that, just access the QB Online account to download & install the ‘QB Desktop Migration Tool’ on the system and then reach the ‘Prepare to Export’ window to type the correct name & e-mail on which you want to get the migration confirmation mail.
• Upon obtaining the migration confirmation mail, you will shift to the ‘Exporting from QuickBooks Online’ page to strike the ‘Download QBXML File’ button in order to fully download the QB Online data on the system.
• Thereafter, launch the ‘QB Desktop Migration Tool’ to enter the valid path of the QBXML file stored on the system & then click on the ‘Import’ button to finally transfer all the QB Online data to QB Desktop.

By selecting & implementing these procedures, you can easily utilize the ‘QuickBooks Data Conversion Services’ as per your requirement. For further guidance & help, dial +1 800-417-5147 to connect with our QB Specialists Team.

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