Viable methods to terminate QuickBooks error 15271


QuickBooks is a one-step solution for businesses needing reliable accounting and financial data management. It is expanding exponentially worldwide, helping millions of small & medium-sized enterprises along the way. However, the internal issues in the software are a reason to worry as they can cause the software to halt completely. QuickBooks error 15271 is a payroll-related error that stops the software from installing the updates. If your software is also affected by this error, this blog will help you understand the causes of this issue and the adequate ways to remove it from your PC.

Fix this error easily by following the directions given by a QB support team at +1-855-948-3646.


This error potentially develops and blocks the payroll updates due to the circumstances given below-

  • QuickBooks fails to validate or verify a file downloaded in the update package.
  • A poor internet connection may cause damage to the file due to data loss in between the download.
  • QuickBooks is missing some of its important program files due to data corruption in the hard drive.

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These approaches are precise to counter this payroll error in the software-

Solution 1- Edit the UAC settings to prevent them from blocking QuickBooks update

Windows protects the PC from any unwanted changes in the configuration or installation of a harmful application by employing the User Account Control settings. These settings stop any update or installation that can harm your PC and cause data corruption or any other problems. QuickBooks can also get blocked by these settings while downloading the payroll updates in the software. You must configure the settings and align them with QuickBooks to install the payroll update successfully on your PC. Use the steps given below-

  1. Go to the control panel using the file explorer and select User accounts in the menu.
  2. Single-click the Change User Account Control settings option in the following window.
  3. There is a slider present in the following window, which is used to control the UAC settings.
  4. Use Never Notify to turn the UAC settings off, and moving the slider to Always Notify will turn the settings on again.
  5. You must move the slider to Never Notify and then try to download the payroll updates.
  6. After the update process is finished, move the slider to Always Notify.

If the payroll updates fail even after turning off the UAC settings, then this might be due to damaged software.

Solution 2- Fix the software issues with the help of the QuickBooks Tool hub

The QuickBooks Tool hub will help you out when you deal with common software issues that affect the software’s functions. Use the steps provided below to use the tool hub efficiently-

  1. Open the QuickBooks Tool hub and single-click the Program problems option.
  2. Click on the Quick fix my program option and let the tool take its time.
  3. Install the payroll updates again after the issues are removed.

The payroll service will be updated after using the methods given above.


Here we are at the completion of this blog clarifying the details of QuickBooks error 15271 and the possible triggers for its occurrence. The appropriate ways to rectify this issue are also mentioned in the blog, which you can use to make your QuickBooks free from errors again.

In case the error persists, resolve it using the assistance of a QB professional reachable at +1-855-948-3646.

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