QuickBooks Error 3260 is a prominent technical glitch that is usually categorized within the ‘3000 Status Code Error Series’, and this error gets provoked when the QB user is trying to perform financial exchange between QB Point of Sale (POS) & the QB Desktop application.
The error message mentions that the QB user does not have enough permissions to get complete access to the QB Desktop Point of Sale (POS) application on the system.
This blog will provide complete & accurate step-wise techniques to fully eradicate this technical problem.
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Why Do QB Users Confront ‘3260 QuickBooks Error Message’?

The ‘3260 QuickBooks Error Message’ usually strikes due to the reasons mentioned below:
• If the QB Desktop & the QB Point of Sale (POS) are not being operated with full admin rights, then this error can easily arise on the system.
• Not accessing the data file with the QB admin user account can also provoke this technical problem.

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How Can ‘3260 QuickBooks Point of Sale Error Code’ Be Fully Resolved?

The ‘3260 QuickBooks Point of Sale Error Code’ can be easily resolved through the techniques explained below:

Technique 1: Edit the user role settings inside the ‘QB Point of Sale’ & then launch it with full admin rights

Step 1: Correctly edit the ‘User Roles & Responsibility’ settings in QB Point of Sale (POS)

• Firstly, access the ‘QuickBooks Point of Sale’ application and then visit the ‘Company’ menu to instantly strike the ‘Users’ option on the screen & after that, you shall require to immediately choose the ‘Setup Users and Roles’ option present on the screen.
• Now, proceed to the ‘User List’ tab located on the newly-opened ‘Users and Roles’ window so that you can appropriately select the ‘User’ for whom you want to edit the required permissions.
• Once you have chosen the required ‘User’, you must tap on the ‘View Permissions’ button on the window to obtain another window with the title ‘View Permissions’ on the screen.
• At this point, choose appropriate assigned roles on the ‘View Permissions’ window, following which you can make necessary adjustments successfully.

Step 2: Operate ‘QuickBooks Point of Sale’ as well as ‘QuickBooks Desktop’ with complete admin privileges

• In this step, just right-click on the ‘QB Point of Sale’ icon to easily choose the ‘Properties’ tab and then move further to the ‘Compatibility’ tab on the ‘Properties’ window so that you can easily check the ‘Run this program as an administrator’ checkbox shown on the screen.
• Afterward, you must also mark the same checkbox shown within the ‘Change Settings for all users’ tab and then hit the ‘Apply’ button following which you can open QB POS in admin mode.
• Furthermore, move to the QB Desktop and right-click on it to choose the ‘Administrator’ option, after which you can operate both applications with admin privileges.
Technique 2: Execute the company file with complete admin privileges to weed out this technical glitch
• First of all, run the QB Desktop in admin mode & then strike the ‘File’ menu to immediately choose the ‘Single-User Mode’ option; after that, you should carefully tap the ‘Close Company / Log Off’ option under the same menu.
• Now, you can easily access any company file in QuickBooks with admin user credentials on your computer.

Utilize these simple step-wise techniques correctly to fully root out QuickBooks Error 3260. For more help, dial +1 800-417-5147 to connect with our QB Professionals Team

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