QuickBooks Payroll Error 15106: Highly Effective Technical Guide


QuickBooks Desktop shows up several technical errors at the time of downloading fresh payroll service updates, and one of these errors is QuickBooks Payroll Error 15106.

This error can suddenly disrupt the payroll update process, and QB specialists have categorized it within the ‘15XXX’ error series on the system.

Here’s a detailed blog that will aim to explain the basic factors that trigger this error, along with relevant troubleshooting techniques.

Are you encountering QuickBooks Payroll Error 15106 on the computer? You can dial +1 855-948-3646 to easily connect with our QB Technical Experts Team for help.

What Are the Major Factors That Are Responsible for ‘15106 Payroll Error in QuickBooks’?

The ‘15106 Payroll Error in QuickBooks’ can strike due to the reasons explained below:

How Can ‘QB 15106 Payroll Update Error Code’ Be Effectively Tackled?

The ‘QB 15106 Payroll Update Error Code’ can be easily rectified using the techniques mentioned below:

Technique 1: Utilize the valid Windows admin user account in order to fully eradicate this error


  • Just access the ‘Control Panel’ on your computer, and then you shall need to tap on the ‘User Account and Family Safety’ menu, after which you can easily click on the ‘User Accounts’ tab on the window. 
  • Next, precisely hit the ‘Manage another account’ option & then you can easily choose the Windows admin user account, following which you can log into it via the valid admin user credentials. 
  • Now, access QuickBooks to utilize the correct process for downloading the newest payroll service updates on the computer.

Technique 2: Accurately stop the execution of the antivirus applications on the computer

  • Simply bring up the ‘Task Manager Window’ on the computer’s screen by tapping the ‘Ctrl + Alt + Delete’ keys on the keyboard & then you shall shift to the ‘Processes’ tab on that window. 
  • Now, locate the valid name of your antivirus application in the list of ongoing processes, and then you shall choose the correct name of your antivirus application, following which you can tap the ‘End Process’ button. 
  • Finally, move out of the ‘Task Manager Window’ so that you are able to download & install the fresh payroll service updates on the computer. 

Technique 3: Fully switch off the ‘UAC Settings’ on the system in order to tackle this problem

  • Once you launch the ‘Control Panel’ window, you have to tap on the ‘User Accounts’ menu, following which you must click on the ‘User Accounts (Classic View)’ button on the window.
  • Next, just choose the ‘Change user account settings’ option following which you shall adjust the slider to the ‘Never Notify’ option, and then you must hit the ‘OK’ button to finally switch off the UAC settings. 

Implement these effective techniques to easily tackle ‘QuickBooks Payroll Error 15106’ on the system. For further help, dial +1 855-948-3646 to connect with our QB Technical Specialists Team.

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