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Online Quran Classes
Online Quran Classes

Quran Teacher: Quran was verbally revealed to the prophet Muhammad (PBUH), by the angel Gabriel in the holy month of Ramadan approximately twenty-three years. Hazrat Muhammad SAWW was about 40 years at the time of the revelation of the Quran. The main key themes of the Quran explained in its verses is the responsibility of human being towards their creator, life after death, pleasures of paradise, tortures in hell, instructions dictated in the Quran for every aspect of life, and religious obligations.

Description of Quran by Quran teacher

Islam is the complete code of life. One should give proper attention to the learning of the Quran. Online Quran teacher will not only make you learn Quran online but also teaches details of the holy book Quran. Hence, one has the proper knowledge of their religion Islam and the Quran. Quran is comprised of a total of 114 chapters. These chapters are also known as “Surah’s”.  These surahs vary in length. For one’s ease for learning and reading purposes, the Quran is constituted into thirty equal parts, which are called “Juz”.

Online Quran Classes
Online Quran Classes

Learn Quran online by Quran teacher

Quran education is compulsory for every Muslim from an early age. Islam is the Abrahamic religion chosen for us by the Hazrat Muhammad SAWW. It is a monotheistic religion. The Quran is the unaltered and final revelation for Muslims by Allah. It is the last sole source of Guidance for us. Several online Quran academies are available to serve you with the learning of the Quran and Islam, for example, the Iquran School. They conduct online Quran classes, in which you can learn Quran online from online Quran teachers. This system to learn Quran online is the simpler way of getting Quran and Islamic education from a Quran teacher.

Learning of five pillars of Islam by Quran teacher

These five pillars of Islam are the basic acts of Islam performed by every Muslim to worship Allah and to become closer to Allah. These five pillars are mandatory for every Muslim who believes in Allah and His messenger prophet Muhammad SAWW. Online Quran teachers will help you in the learning of these important acts of Islam through online Quran classes. Online Quran teacher helps you to aware of other aspects of Islam and also to learn Quran online.

To learn about Shahada in online Quran classes

It states, “There is only one Allah to worship and Muhammad is His last prophet”. One should have a firm belief in this saying if one wants to enter in Islam circle. Online Quran teacher, in their online Quran classes, increases one’s knowledge regarding Islam rules and instruction given in the Quran.

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How to perform Salaat

Every Muslim performs prayer five times a day. While performing Salaat, one should perform it facing toward the Kaaba.  These five prayers include Dawn (fajr), Noon ( Dhuhr), Afternoon ( Asr), evening (Maghrib), and Night (Isha). Online Quran Academy teaches you the way to perform the prayer, recital of surahs for performing Salaat, guidance for ablution, etc in online Quran classes.

Emphasizes alms-giving (Zakat)

It is an act of giving zakat to those who are needy in the community by the wealthy ones. They charity an appropriate amount of money according to their assets. It is an act important part to perform by Muslims to purify their wealth. Iquran School highlights the importance of giving zakat in online Quran classes for Kids besides to learn Quran online. Online Quran teacher tells the importance of giving charity, which is compulsion by Allah, otherwise, one will get punished in the end. The amount given for the zakat should be calculated by the rules of Shari’ah.