Ramesh Chaurasia: Investing in Human Capital for a better tomorrow




William Wordsworth said that all change depends upon the unreasonable man. These are the men and women who do not give up on hope and their endeavours to bring about a change in our world. Mr Ramesh Chaurasia is one of such people who has been working selflessly to empower others in his community and even those who approach him for any help.

Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha – Elevating people

The Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha aims to empower, educate and serve all members of the society. This organization is headed by Mr Ramesh Chaurasia, who aims to empower the Chaurasia community by offering them guidance and support in any possible way. His philanthropic nature and kindness have brought a lot of hope within the community. Numerous welfare programs are organized to help the members of the Chaurasia community so that they can get better income and enjoy better status in the society.

Modern philanthropy: Investing in Human Capital

India as a nation is remarkably diverse with thousands of communities which engage in different professions and activities. One such community is the Chaurasia community which is historically associated with betel farming.  They are known for their hard work and expertise when it comes to their knowledge of growing the best betel leaves. However, the community has not been able to get their due for several reasons.

Ramesh Chaurasia has a vision for the community where he wants to invest in Human capital. This is when people are made independent so that they can create new enterprises and start a chain of generating new employment which in turn elevates even more people. This is called investing in human capital.

Several initiatives overseen by Mr Chaurasia and the Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha

  • Professional counselling camps are organized for the youth so that they can be exposed to new trends and skills required to be more employable
  • Skill development camps are held for the women of the community so that they can become independent and confident while also contributing towards the better education of their children
  • Personality development events like debate competitions are organized so that school going children can learn public speaking skills and gain more confidence
  • Models are created for timely distribution of school amenities to school going children
  • E learning portal/library is developed so that online resources are readily available for anyone who seeks to learn via an online database
  • Health awareness campaigns are organized so that the community can be up to date with the best practices to maintain their health
  • Distribution drives are carried out to help the poor and the needy who have been affected by the Covid pandemic
  • Counselling sessions are conducted for young community members who are trying to seek employment so that they can find the right direction
  • Free courses are offered to eligible adults who want to be self employed and independent
  • Modern farming methods are taught to improve and incentivise betel farming. This involves modern practices like multi-layer farming


A single lamp can eliminate even the deepest darkness. A person with the right intent can be a lamp in many people’s lives. In the light of the work done by Mr Chaurasia, the Chaurasia community shines.