Reasons behind Rats and Cockroaches at Home

Rats and Cockroaches

Rats and cockroaches are among the most common household pests. While these filthy creatures are especially associated with dirty surroundings, sometimes even the cleanest of homes be invaded by these pests. There is a good reason for that why.

Everyone knows why rats and roaches should not be inside our property. First, these pesky pests spread harmful bacteria and viruses. Many people have died due to diseases caused by rats and roaches. Like rats, these pests are common carriers of Salmonella, Hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and leptospirosis. While cockroaches are spreaders of diseases like dysentery, cholera, typhoid fever, and diarrhea.

Since these critters cause damage to people’s health and home, it is imperative that every household should practice measures for pest control. For heavy infestations, methods such as rodent removal and cockroach control should be conducted with the help of licensed pest control technicians.

Why Rats and Cockroaches Invade a Home

So, the question is “What makes these pests get attracted to our household?” As mentioned earlier, rats and roaches invade a household for several good reasons. Knowing the causes of rat and roach infestation is important. In order to know what to do to block and discourage their entry. Here are reasons that make a home appealing to rats and roaches:

  • Food sources

Like many other pests, rats and roaches are always attracted to food for their survival. Thus, food crumbs and spills left uncleaned and left-over foods out in the open never fail to attract these pests. As stubborn as they are, these creatures don’t waste time getting to their food source. So, if you have poor sanitation at home and tend to leave your food in the open for long, you can’t blame rodents and roaches to come scurrying around your household.

  • Water sources

Besides food, roaches and rodents also look for free water sources which are likely your home can offer. A damp environment, therefore, appears very appealing to these disgusting crawlies. If your home has some plumbing issues such as water leaks and clogs and if you have standing water within your property, you will definitely call the attention not just to roaches and rats but other nuisance pests like flies and mosquitos. 

  • Clutter

Clutter is one ideal spot where these intruders can comfortably hide and breed. It is said that the more mess there is in your home, the more nesting and hiding areas there are for rats and roaches. Unused objects like toys and boxes, as well as piles of papers or clothes, can make for a perfect nesting site for these pests.

  • Garbage

In connection to clutter, the presence of grime is also one good reason behind having an infestation of rats and roaches within your home. Smelly and overflowing garbage is an authentic source of grime or dirt. Remember that these filthy critters are scavengers. Regular and proper garbage disposal is, therefore, a must to keep them from scavenging food on our property.

  • Openings/Entryways

Sometimes, pests like mice, rats, and roaches have no choice but to invade our home because they see an opening where they can enter and penetrate our household. Mice, for instance, have very flexible bodies that allow them to squeeze themselves through a very tiny hole or gap. If you have several damages or weak points in your home’s structure like broken windows or cracked walls, there will be no doubt that pests like roaches and rodents will find their way inside your home.

  • Decreased temperatures

As the colder months arrive during the fall or winter season, pests’ natural habitats outdoors will be less favorable. Hence, many pests would look for places to overwinter or get warm. People’s homes serve as the most suitable target for pests to find the warmth and shelter they need to endure the colder temperature.

  • Infestation nearby

Obviously, another reason you have rats and roaches coming to your property is the possibility of existing pest infestation within your vicinity or neighborhood. If you live in an apartment and your next-door neighbor is dealing with serious problems with rats and roaches, it’s not surprising when you find those pests invading your home sooner or later.

If you keep these things in mind, you will have a better perspective as to how you can protect your home from pests like rats and cockroaches. Of course, it is best if you call a trusted company that offers quality pest control services. Rodent removal and cockroach control are better left to the hands of experts.