Reasons To Choose Mobile Bidding For Your Next Auction

Online auction sites

For nonprofits, organizing an auction requires a significant amount of work. It can be challenging to balance all the moving parts of a successful event, including buying supplies, locating a location that can hold all of your guests, picking up bid paddles, and getting people to register.

Online auction sites and mobile bidding software have become popular among nonprofits as a way to manage the pressures of running an auction event. Get rid of pointless paperwork and forms and streamline your data organization and auction procedures with a mobile app! Your data will be accurate and centralized. Additionally, you’ll conserve paper, have better donor activity records, and promote participation.

Mobile bidding software can assist you and your staff in streamlining event management while generating a positive experience for your supporters whether you’re holding a silent auction or a live auction.

Not convinced? Take into account the following factors to determine whether mobile bidding will be ideal for your upcoming auction:

Why Opt For Mobile Bidding

  • Less hassle

Donors must be present at the auction table area to view items and place bids when using paper-based systems. Donors can place a bid using mobile bidding while seated or anywhere else in the room. They don’t have to fight their way through crowds to place bids, and they can socialize with other guests while taking part in the auction.

  • Convenient alerts

Donors are less likely to follow up later and continue participating if they have to place bids at the auction tables, especially if they are having a good time mingling and chatting with other guests at your event. When a supporter’s bid is outbid, you can use mobile bidding to send alerts to their devices so that they can place a new bid without having to move. This practical feature encourages donors to continue bidding for the items they want when they have been outbid without having to quickly return to the silent auction area to locate the item and bid sheet on the table.

  • Simplify check-in and check out

Donors typically have to wait in line for a long time to check in and out of an auction. There are no lines because mobile bidding enables participants to complete this process on their smartphone or tablet. You might even need fewer volunteers to assist in running your auction because donors will have more time to enjoy your event.

  • Minimize manual data entry and errors

Volunteers are needed in paper systems to manually enter bids into a database or spreadsheet, which takes time and can result in mistakes. By automatically recording each bid, mobile bidding software reduces the amount of manual data entry required from your team. This is not only practical, but it also avoids data entry errors like entering the wrong number or misreading a donor’s handwriting.

  • More bidding

Traditionally, the auction was only open to people who came to your event. When advertising the event, you can reach a wider audience because mobile bidding is a web-based app and anyone with an internet connection can place bids, even if they can’t attend the event. When some of your biggest donors are unable to attend your auction, this is especially useful.

  • Increase fundraising revenue

The biggest concern for the majority of nonprofits is probably justifying the initial investment and additional costs associated with implementing new technology. However, after implementing mobile bidding technology at their special events, some nonprofits reported a 30% increase in their fundraising revenue.

These apps make it easier for donors to participate in the bidding by streamlining the procedure, which can also persuade donors to bid on more auction items. A typical feature of a mobile bidding app, for instance, is real-time reporting on which auction items are being overlooked. An organization can immediately publicize the event’s overlooked items to inform donors who wish to support it but are unsure of which items to bid on. When a bidder is outbid, some apps can also send text or email alerts to their device!

Choose BetterWorld For Mobile Bidding

Choose an auction software from the BetterWorld list if you want to meet the needs of your nonprofit, integrate it with your CRM, and manage events all at once.

When you introduce a mobile bidding app to your event staff and auction participants, they will both be grateful. Also, online auction sites will reduce the hassle of in-person auctions. Meet your supporters on their mobile phones, where they are already. You’ll increase fundraising and provide guests with a convenient way to bid in addition to getting a better understanding of event processes in real-time.

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