Ana Luisa

Ana Luisa is a 2018 Brooklyn-based direct-to-consumer jewelry brand. It aspires to offer an alternative to “opaque savoir-faire, uncertain production, and retail markups”
It did it while satisfying stricter ethical and environmental standards than other jewelers.


Ana Luisa has distinct qualities. By 2020, it was carbon neutral, offsetting all the CO2 it created while creating jewelry through a partnership with Cool Effect.

It’s offsets support the Tri-City Forest Project in Massachusetts and the Brazilian Amazon Rosewood Conservation Project.


Second, the organization uses recycled materials whenever possible. Sterling silver comes from jewelry and electronics trash.


Solid gold items are made from 100% recycled 14-karat gold, and gold-plated items use eco-brass and are plated with a thicker gold coating than usual to last a lifetime.

Synthetic, 100% real Swarovski diamonds are available with Ana Luisa promo code.
Some corporations will use responsibly mined gold, while others will support industry improvements. We support such efforts.


Ana Luisa jewelry is careful about when and how it releases new things to prevent overproduction. If a new collection sells well, Santiago buys more.

Checkout For More Details: Mysavinghub


Alyssa Beltempo teamed with  on her best-selling paper clip chain necklace because of this innovative concept.

I was delighted to see it’s core designs remain the same in a world where new products is always released. They keep tried-and-true classics on their site.

Classics are always available, so shoppers can save for a quality item. Slow fashion is a long-term investment.


Since I was a kid, I’ve had simple ear piercings. We needed a change by 2020. Searched up respectable piercers in my neighborhood before second-guessing myself.
I got more piercings a few days later. A month later, another.


A midlife crisis (I hope I haven’t reached that point!) It’s a normal response to a popular movement, according to some. I’m constantly astonished by the quantity of posts showing women wearing tiny studs and earrings creatively.


After deciding to get more piercings, I searched for affordable, beautiful jewelry. Brianna Traynor’s Instagram account just promoted Ana Luisa jewelry.


Rings, earrings, necklaces. As a newbie, it may be difficult to find earrings and necklaces that work together or alone.
Gemstones are publicly sourced, and metals are noble and recyclable.


Manhattan Ana Luisa jewelry uses sustainable procedures and high-quality materials to make traditional, fashionable jewelry. Ana Luisa’s jewelry is attentive and approachable.

Gemstones are publicly sourced, and metals are noble and recyclable. Ana Luisa checks each item for hypoallergenic, nickel-free safety.

Ana Luisa has three jewelry types:

Strong gold-plated metal. Brass and 14K gold are gold-plated.
Gold-plated sterling silver is 92.5% recycled silver.
Beautiful, eco-friendly lab-grown diamonds. Ana Luisa’s jewelry uses lab-grown diamonds.


I bought earrings and necklaces with newly-pierced ears (and a discount). Website divisions and subsections enable you narrow your search (since shopping for jewelry might be daunting).

I bought haggis and earrings first. Ana Luisa jewelry is easy to layer.


Several works’ unique genres functioned together and alone: Mali ear climbers ($59) contain three layers of stones, Boa studs ($49) are lovely and alluring (but I hate snakes), and Suzanne Medium Huggies ($95) are multifunctional.

Online shoppers have options. The Gift Guide sorts by price, occasion, and intent.


Styles include layered necklaces. Layering may be expensive, and if you’re just starting out (like me), finding what works might be hard. Layered necklaces help.

It offers layered sets with different stones, chain kinds, and lengths. Heritage ($115) is less impressive than Summer or Michelle. Earring sets and necklaces still gleam in my jewelry box. Win-win.

Reasons to love Ana Luisa

Unisex jewelry makes purchasing easy. Mini Huggie Hoops are $59 gifts.
Loyalty club! Join Club Ana Luisa to earn points on jewelry purchases.

Necklaces. Ana Luisa’s beautiful jewelry features lab-grown diamonds and gemstones.
Personalize. Ana Luisa sells special-occasion jewelry.

Certification. Ana Luisa only works with partners who share her climate and quality goals.