Reefer Dispatch Services


DWhen you drive a reefer dispatch services , the specialized goods you transport need special care and attention. That’s why you need a dispatcher who understands your specific needs.

A dispatch service can help you find loads, negotiate freight rates and more to get your business on track. It can also help you maintain compliance with motor carriers and improve your relationships with shippers.

Temperature Monitoring

If you’re a truck driver who hauls temperature-sensitive goods, it’s your responsibility to make sure that perishable foods, pharmaceuticals and other items aren’t exposed to extreme temperatures for too long. Reefer dispatch services can help you do that. They can also help you meet FSMA requirements that mandate that certain types of food and beverage products must be kept at specific temperatures for the duration of their transport.

Temperature monitoring solutions are designed to keep drivers from having to check the air temperatures in their reefer units for themselves, and they can give you alerts when the temperatures go out of range. This prevents trucks from wasting fuel and helps you cut down on cargo spoilage, which can hurt your bottom line.

To ensure proper reefer temperatures, it’s important to use a temperature monitoring solution that integrates with your fleet management software. It must provide real-time environmental data and driver insights alongside temperature log access, giving you a complete dashboard for tracking your reefer trailers’ progress.

Dispatching Trucks

Moreover, it must be capable of integrating with all the hardware and sensors that are part of your fleet, including those used for refrigeration. This way, you can easily get data from all of your reefer trailers and see a complete history of their temperatures for every load that has gone through your system.

The right solution will also monitor reefer trailers in-transit, allowing managers to track temperature deviations and quickly respond to them by sending alerts to drivers. This will reduce the number of rejected loads and decrease loss claims, which can negatively impact a carrier’s revenue.

Two-way control puts managers in charge of their refrigerated trucks and reefer containers to minimize human error while ensuring compliance with cold chain regulations. They can adjust temperature set points, initiate a pre-cool, switch operating modes and more remotely from a centralized location. They can even use a remote lockdown feature to help prevent cargo theft.


The reefer dispatch services of the future are going to have a lot of features to choose from, but one of the most interesting is the routing technology. Dispatch software like OptimoRoute is designed to help you create and send out high-quality routes with the right ETAs for your specific load size and weight.

The software even considers historical loading times and traffic conditions to generate the best possible ETAs. It also comes with fleet management features like a built-in route planner that uses real time traffic data to plan out the most efficient delivery routes.

If you’re in the market for a new dispatching partner, take the time to learn all you can about them. A little research goes a long way in helping you make the best choice for your fleet.

A reefer truck is a large investment that requires a reliable source of revenue. Hiring a dispatch service can help you secure that income by putting an intelligently designed network in place.

The right service will help you navigate the tricky world of transportation, ensuring that your business keeps up with demand while also protecting your bottom line. A good company will be happy to assist you with anything from finding the hottest cargoes in the industry to providing you with a robust back office to handle everything from tracking orders to paying drivers and filing taxes.

Driver Management

Reefer dispatch services are designed to serve the specialized needs of refrigerated truck drivers. They provide support for finding loads and negotiating higher rates, along with route planning and back office support.

Dispatch services help trucking companies maintain a steady stream of revenue, reducing the need for idle time and keeping freight costs low. They also allow companies to focus on delivering high-quality, reliable services.

One of the key aspects of a good dispatching process is communicating effectively with drivers. This involves empathetically understanding their specific needs and requirements, as well as offering the right information at the right time.

For example, some dispatching platforms send load instructions and updates through a combination of phone calls, texts, and emails. While this is a quick and efficient way to communicate, it’s oftentimes frustrating for drivers.

Samsara’s unified fleet management platform helps truck dispatchers prioritize driver safety, optimize routing, and deliver outstanding customer service. This helps trucking companies attract and retain top talent and increase the overall efficiency of their operations.


In addition, dispatchers can easily monitor drivers’ hours of service (HOS) to ensure they are within FMCSA regulations and take their required breaks as outlined by their contracts. They can also track routes and adjust drivers’ schedules in real time to keep deliveries on-time and reduce the risk of accidents.

As a result, dispatchers can reduce the number of hours they spend calling drivers for route problems. They can also resolve issues on the road quickly and efficiently, avoiding driver frustration and ensuring their fleet delivers quality deliveries.

Some dispatch services offer monthly or quarterly pricing, while others bill a flat weekly rate for each week they work with a company. Other services scale their pricing based on load type and volumes.

A good reefer dispatch service will make sure that your trucks receive the highest-quality loads and the best prices. They will also help you maintain relationships with shippers, increasing the chances of building long-term contracts and improving your customer base. This will enable you to recoup the costs of running your reefer truck and generate a steady stream of revenue.


Compliance refers to the process of adhering to rules and regulations that are in place to protect a company from legal liabilities. Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to serious consequences such as fines and voided contracts.

The best compliance programs are designed to detect potential violations and escalation them before they become serious issues. In addition, they focus on ensuring that policies are followed properly and the right people are aware of them.

For reefer trucks, these policies often include temperature monitoring. This can help to ensure that perishable goods are delivered safely and securely, helping to reduce losses and improve your reputation as a responsible transporter.

Another important part of a compliance program is educating employees about the laws and regulations that apply to their jobs. This includes education about federal, state and local laws as well as corporate policies for keeping a safe and respectful workplace environment.

Educating Employees

Educating employees on compliance is key to creating a culture that is supportive of ethical business practices. This includes ensuring that employees have an established way to report non-compliant behaviors and providing positive reinforcement to encourage them to act in accordance with company policies and regulations.

It is also important to create a strong risk culture within the organization. This involves timely information sharing, rapid escalation of emerging risks and willingness to challenge current practices.

This is especially important for companies that are operating across different countries, so it’s critical to ensure that the company has a strong understanding of its local and international laws and practices. This includes translating compliance materials into the language of each country, as well as ensuring that local employees understand these laws and policies.

When looking for a dispatch service, it’s important to find one that offers all of the services your business needs at an affordable price. This can vary by company, so it’s a good idea to compare them and ask for quotes before making your final decision. Moreover, it’s a good idea to choose a service that will work with you to ensure your needs are met as they grow.