Religious videos around Jesus

Religious videos around Jesus
Religious videos around Jesus

The Jesus Film This film focuses on Jesus of Nazareth. The story comes from the Gospel of Luke’s New Testament. It begins from the time Jesus was born to the moment he dies. Joseph and Mary, Jesus’s parents are seen as a significant influence in the early life of Jesus.

As Jesus continues to grow, his realization of his destiny begins to manifest. When he is finally ready to start his mission, his apostles gather and join him in fulfilling his mission. Later on, Jesus faces crucifixion and resurrection after three days. Some of the actors involved in this file include Brian Deacon (Jesus), Rivka Neuman (Mary), Joseph Shiloach (Joseph) and Niko Nitai (Simon Peter). 

The passion of Christ. This film focuses on Jesus’ suffering and downfall

One of Jesus’s disciples betrayed him and hands him over to the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire orders for the capture of Jesus; he is beaten and tortured, he is then dragged to Calvary carrying a heavy cross. Jesus faces death by been naile on the cross.

Involved in the film are Jim Caviezel (Jesus), Maia Morgenstern (Mary), and Monica Bellucci (Magdalen), Mel Gibson co-writer, Luca Lionello (Judas), Hristo shopov (Pontius Pilate), Pietro sarubbi (Barabbas), among others.King of kings. King of kings is a film produced in 1961. It speaks of how word spread in Judea about the birth of the son of God.

King Herod felt threatened and demanded that all male infants should be killed. The mother of Jesus runs away with Jesus, he grows up, and his destiny becomes fulfilled.

Jesus preaches and performs miracles and acquires followers

One of his disciples later betrays him, leading to his crucifixion, an ending he has always been expecting. Involved actors include:

Siobhan McKenna(Mary), Rip Torn (Judas), Jeffrey Hunter( Jesus), Robert Ryan (john the Baptist), Orson Welles ( the narrator) The chosen The chosen film is about Jesus that was not filmed and produced in Hollywood, which was inspired by Chaim Potok, a novel written and published in 1967. The story tells the story of two different people, son of Jewish intellectual and son of Hasidic rabbi. The intellectual’s son seems to be interested in the formation of the Jewish state and Zionism. While the son, the rabbi, has ultimately no interest in political matters.

Those involved in the film include Robby Benson (Danny), Barry Miller (Reuven), Maximilian Schell (the intellectual) and Rod Steiger (the rabbi), among so many others. Come and see The

chosen on the angel studio website. The series already has seasons one and two

The studio plans to get it to season seven with the help of the fans and followers. The two first seasons already have over 100 million views, and people cannot stop talking about the film. Seventy-fivethousand three hundred forty-six people funded the first season.

They contributed a total of $10,000,000. One hundred twenty-five thousand three hundred forty-six people also funded the second season. They contributed $10,000,000. The most encouraging part is that a huge the percentage of those that contributed for season one also contributed for season two.

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