Some incredible renovation tips to alter the dynamics of your HDB Flats


Are you ready to move into your newly purchased HDB apartment? Now is the perfect time to bring all your imagination to life and design your dream home. Every flat is structurally the same; it is the interior of a house that sets one apart from the rest.

The interior design is reflective of the homeowner’s personality and taste. No wonder everyone wants to put their best effort into making it efficient. To make your HDB 4 room resale renovation worthwhile, you need to keep certain aspects in mind.

From changing the already existing facilities to creating room for new installations, the list is long. Read on to know what are the dos and don’ts of a renovation of an HDB.

  • Hire a professional contractor –

Going for a hdb renovation contractor instead of an interior designer will be a more affordable option. A contractor will help you in having your dream interior within your budget. It is true that, unlike interior designers, they will not plan and execute every single detail. But if you can play around with your creativity and imagination a contractor can help you get equally stunning results.

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  • Set a budget for renovations and stick to that –

Setting a budget for the renovation is the basic need, to begin with. Steer clear from spending money irrationally on items less important. Consider upcycling or refurbishing instead of buying every single thing. You can also look out for second-hand pieces to furnish your hdb flats.

Saving on your furniture and other household pieces will allow you to go easy on your actual renovation cost. We often end up ignoring the more essential facets like kitchen or bathroom renovation as we splurge on other things.

  • The layout should be practical enough to suit your lifestyle –

The key to designing a functional interior is to start by considering the lifestyle of a family. You want an outcome that is in tune with your daily life. A family that sits for dinners together quite often must spare a substantial amount of space for the dining area.

If your schedule does not allow you to sit for a meal together then leaving a large space is pointless. Families with fewer members should also opt for a smaller dining area.

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  • Bring particular areas to focus –

An hdb 4-room resale renovation will require a bit more planning than a two or three-room apartment. As the 4 room flat accommodates a lot of space the whole renovation process can get quite expensive. One smart way not to blow up your budget is to focus on specific areas and accentuate them.

Creative use of lights and adding fascinating elements like laminates or veneers can instantly heighten the aesthetic appeal. Let your hdb renovation contractor understand your vision to make it a reality.

  • Be mindful while selecting the colour schemes and materials –

If you want an interesting outcome from your hdb 4-room resale renovation on a budget, pick the colours smartly. The right colour scheme can change the dynamic of any place. Shades that reflect light can make your room appear larger and spacious. Bright and quirky colours or textures can add dimensions. When we say colours, it does not include only the walls, it includes every HDB Flatssingle element of a house.

Everything should be cohesive to tell an integrated colour story. Apart from colours, materials used for furnishing and upholstery can add to the vibe of your place. Choose material that helps your interior look contemporary and not dated. That does not mean spending a fortune as you will find several economic options.

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  • Integrate quirky and classic elements –

Create contrast by placing classic and quirky elements next to each other. For example, if the interior is exhibiting an overall poised vibe, introduce some fun neon colour cushions to break the monotony. This way you can mix and match different styles to create a fresh new one on a budget.

  • Keep the area open as much as possible –

One key thing to make your renovation work well is to keep the space open and clutter-free as much as possible. Make sure not to make it overbearing by stuffing the space with unnecessary furniture pieces. Taking a minimalistic approach is going to pay you well in the long run.


We know how important a house is to its owner. No doubt, one will make sure to make it warm, welcoming and cosy. After all, you are going to unwind here after a long tiring day. We hope these hdb 4-room resale renovation tips will help you whenever buying a new apartment.