Travel by car? Until recently we didn’t even think about it all our big trips have been on public transport. Living in Madrid without a car makes one lose the habit of driving. But last year we rediscovered the pleasure of those car trips through Spain and Europe that we used to do as children. The freedom offered by going by your means of transport is second to none. Some accidents and many kilometers later, we believe that we can give you a few tips to rent a car so that it is cheaper and, above all, you do not have problems and disappointments.

Renting a cheap car: what to take into account?

Of course, the initial price of the car rental is essential, but more factors must be taken into account because what does that price include?

The category of the rental car

The rental price varies greatly depending on the car model, category, and size since a specific model is not usually fixed when renting. Suppose you are not looking for the cheapest model. In that case, you need more seats, special features such as off-roading, greater cargo volume, and air conditioning… – you will have to consider this when comparing the prices of the different car rental companies.

Driving an automatic car vs a manual one

You may not have considered choosing between a manual and an automatic car because you are used to one and do not even remember that the other exists. Keep this in mind, because it is possible that in the place where you are going to rent it, the other type is common and you will find yourself with a problem when leaving the car park.

On the other hand, if you are going to travel to a destination where driving is done on the left, it is advisable to use an automatic car – changing gears with the left hand can be complicated the first few times, and sometimes you will end up opening your door when trying to change. With the right.

Car rental insurance: all risk, with excess

In almost all cases, the prices that appear on the internet when renting a car include the minimum insurance and excess. What is the franchise? An amount of money below which there is no obligation on the part of the insurer and the damage has to be paid by the insured and, in the event that the amount exceeds the excess, the insurer is only responsible for the part that is overcome. If you have an accident, you will always have to pay a role: the entire amount if it is less than the excess of the value of the lot if the amount is more significant. Everything related to paying as long as the accident was the person’s fault who rented the car. If the responsibility lies with the other driver, you will not pay anything in any case.

We do not doubt that we always extend the insurance coverage to the maximum: all risk without excess – the insurer takes care of the total damage. It is more expensive but, if you have an accident – ​​let it be your fault – cheap is usually very expensive. Of course, it is essential to make sure what the comprehensive insurance covers; it would not be the first time that there was some element –typically wheels, as it happened to us or windshield– that was not covered and that required an extra payment.

Everyone to travel by car! Start looking for your cheapest car rental california under 21 here.