When you need to clear out your trash, a residential dumpster rental near me can make the job easier. These specialized bins are available for everything from small renovations to major clean-out projects, and can be rented for one day or a month.

Sizes of Dumpsters & Prices

Roll-off dumpsters are available in many sizes to fit various jobs, from 10 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards. These bins are perfect for home remodeling, cleaning out a garage or basement, and tree trimming.

The cost of a dumpster can vary depending on several factors, including the weight limit and the type of waste you’re disposing of. There are also trip and delivery fees, landfill charges, and other costs you might not be aware of.

Generally, there are two types of dumpster rentals: fixed-rate and variable-rate. Flat-rate rentals bundle together all costs and set a weight limit, while variable-rate rates can change according to your order.

Rentals can be a great way to get rid of the junk that clutters your home or garage, but there are some things you should know before you pick one up. First, find out what permits are needed for placing the container on your property.

Second, consider the length of time you need the dumpster for before you book. Most rental companies charge per week, but you can save a lot of money by renting for longer periods.

A late fee is a common extra charge that can get pricey, especially if you keep the dumpster longer than originally contracted for. Some dumpster services will charge a daily fee, while others will make you pay an entirely new rental period (usually a few days or a week) if you don’t return the dumpster on time.