Resources to Navigate life with Metastatic Breast Cancer
Resources to Navigate life with Metastatic Breast Cancer

Metastatic breast cancer can  be a shoking diagnosis to stronges of people . Soon, it can shift your focus from caring for your family and loved ones to worrying about your health. Moreover, the constant discovery of symptoms like pain, vomiting, bleeding, and so much more will make you go through a roller coaster of mental stress . But do not worry. 

During this time, all you need to focus on is what your breast cancer specialist asks you to do. They will provide you with comprehensive treatment to help reduce the effects of cancer and make life a bit easy. But while they do that, you must also do your bit to surpass this medical maze as urgently as possible.  

Medical Aid 

There are many forms of treatment offered to patients with Metastatic breast cancer- Systemic treatment in the form of chemo therapy and/or endocrine therapy and / or targeted and immune therapy if indicated. Local therapy can be offered in the form of radiation therapy to painful bony metastatic sites, or other parts of the body e.g. brain. Local therapy is also offered in the form of surgery if there is indiacation of palliation of symptoms like fungation, bleeding or pain etc. .The best course of the treatment is decided based on two important factors the tumour charactertics and patient’s performance status which helps the doctors decide the best course of treatment for you. . The type of cancer the patient may be suffering from plays a pivotal role. But all of them also come with their own set of benefits and potential risks. So, the patient needs to be well aware of them before they can take any step forward. That is why speaking to the breast cancer specialist in Mumbai becomes the need of the hour. 

Apart from the disease and side effects of the treatment per se there is emotional and mental stress involved with diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. Being part of a support group and discussing these problems with your doctor will not only help you to complete the treatment but also help you do it with a better mindset.  Programs 

Today, many cancer programs are available that can help cancer patients to get a comprehensivecare. Multi disciplinary Teams there work together to curate the best solutions for cancer patients in need. As such, you can only expect top-class treatment and care in the long run from them.. 

Resources TO Navigate Your Metastatic Breast Cancer

  1. Get your hands on a potential 24*7 cancer support helpline. 
  2. Try to find out any place that provides you with affordable lodging during your treatment. This is applicable for people who are traveling out of their cities for medical care. 
  3. search out places for one-on-one support for breast cancer patients. They might not seem like a big deal, but they can make all the difference in the long run. As such, you do not want to miss them. 
  4. Join an online community with cancer patients and their families to know more about this and how to deal with it. 


We hope this article finds you in the pink of your health. Keep your hopes up! And even if that is not possible right now, know that it will be soon enough.