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Are you considering water damage restoration services for your home? Were you just about to Google ‘restoration services near me’? Or are you simply interested in what entails a professional water damage restoration service? If you answered “yea” to any of the aforementioned questions, you’re in luck because that is exactly what we will discuss in this guide. 

Restoration services can be tricky. So to help you figure things out, we’ve made this guide, so you know exactly what’s going on during the restoration process of your home. 

What is water damage restoration?

Simply put, it involves bringing a water-damaged building back to its condition before the loss. This is very straightforward at first.

Yet depending on the size of the damaged area and the extent of the damage, the drying protocol might take somewhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Most property owners incorrectly believe that water damage restoration consists just of surface drying a property, but this is neither true nor safe.

Restoration work after water damage is comprehensive. It continues with humidifiers and air movers to dry out the building, including contents restoration, material removal, and rebuilding, as well as mold prevention and/or cleanup.

Thus, the process of restoration is both extensive and greatly depends on a number of factors. 

Factors that prolong the restoration period

Here are some factors that determine how long or how short the restoration process takes. 

  • The size of the damaged area 
  • The condition of the damaged area 
  • Number of rooms in the affected area 
  • Number of bathrooms
  • How easily accessible the affected area is 
  • Which company are you hiring to take care of the restoration process for you 
  • What is your budget is

Though all these factors seem like one-word answers, they contribute hugely to how long the process will take, what equipment they will use, and which company will overlook this project. 

Water damage restoration process 

The first procedure in the water damage restoration process is to find a water removal firm.

The removal company assesses the site to evaluate the property, contain and stop any damage, and finally remove any standing water to start the restoration process. They are sometimes referred to as “restoration first responders.”

While it’s common for a water damage removal firm to operate independently of a water damage restoration company, it’s important to note that frequently the same company will provide both removal and repair services.

Yet, the actual start of the water damage repair procedure comes after water extraction. This is an example of how it usually goes: 

Additional water extraction 

Should the carpeting be thought to be salvageable, the method can involve employing portable extractors to remove any additional water that is saturating it. In other situations, the carpeting might need to be taken out and thrown away.

Demolition and debris removal 

In many situations of water damage, specific construction components may need to be removed if they cannot be saved (for example, drywall down to the studs, carpeting, carpet padding, etc.). This procedure usually happens before the building is dried out since drywall removal to reveal wall cavities and carpet removal to reveal subflooring can speed up the drying process overall. Restoration contractors can often skip this stage and begin drying out the home if it is found that there was no structural damage.

Final dry out

Then, your contractor will place dehumidifiers in key locations and strategically place air blowers to assist in drying out the property. It’s common for the property to dry out in a matter of a few days with a suitable drying strategy.

Antimicrobial application 

Fungal and mold development may be a problem in some water damage cases. With the right conditions, mold can grow in at least 24 hours. Therefore, a restoration company might decide it’s important to use antimicrobials to stop mold development or eradicate existing mold spores out of prudence or need.

Thus, Water damage restoration is critical to restoring your house to how it was before the damage occurred. This restoration process is fairly common, and therefore you shouldn’t be concerned too much about the damage done. Hiring a good company is also essential for you to get the best output. Contact Zavza Seal LLC today and get a free estimate on their services!