Review:Don Lee’s ‘The Roundup: Punishment’ breaks $29 Million


Don Lee’s latest film, “The Roundup: Punishment,” has been a massive success at the Korean box office, breaking the $29 million mark. Over the weekend, it earned an impressive $20.9 million, leaving all other films in its dust.

While “Challengers” dominated the North American box office with $15 million, it only managed to secure the fourth spot in Korea with a 0.5% market share.

In the past, Don Lee may not have been as well-known outside of Asia, but his presence in the “The Roundup” franchise has become increasingly important. However, fans have noticed that the films have shifted in tone, with the first two installments oscillating between broad police comedy and gritty crime drama. Unfortunately, Lee’s character doesn’t get as much screen time as fans would like, and his talent for physical comedy is underutilized.

The film follows Seok-do and his team of police officers as they tackle an online casino and a series of gruesome murders. When Lee is not on-screen, the focus shifts to the villains, who are often desperate crooks struggling to find their place in Korean society.

Internationally, “Punishment” has also been a hit, earning $24.4 million from six territories, narrowly surpassing “Challengers” with $24.0 million from 53 markets.

In Korea, “The Roundup: Punishment” dominated the market, accounting for a staggering 94% market share. It sold 2.92 million tickets over the weekend, solidifying its position as a box office powerhouse.