Rishabh Pant: Lal Panth angry over Pujara! What happened in the middle of the match winning innings in Australia


Pujara gave some advice to Panth in the middle of the innings. Going to hear that, Panth did not get a hundred. Stop three runs away.

Hundreds did not go to listen to him. He was out for 96 runs. In the middle of the match, Rishabh Panth got angry with Cheteshwar Pujara. In a recent documentary, Pantha said that incident. Although it is a temporary anger, the matter is resolved later.

The documentary ‘Bando Mein Tha Dum’ has just been released after India’s Test series win over the 2021 tour of Australia. Despite overcoming various adversities, India’s victory in that series is one of the best achievements in the history of cricket. In the Test that Panth got angry with Pujara, there was also an outstanding fight. The match was drawn between Ravichandran Ashwin and Hanuma Bihari.

Everyone remembers that pair. But the foundation was made by Pujara and Pantha. Their 148-run stand for the fourth wicket put India on a solid footing. Pujara did 6 out of 205 balls. Panth went back for 96 runs. In the context of the pair, Pantha said, Pujara told him not to play risky shots when he was facing a century. Pay attention to retail runs. Panth got out after accepting that.

“I was angry. Because he had his own plan for the innings. I knew very well what I wanted to do. I was hesitant to listen to the priest. A great rhythm was created. But after getting out, I get angry and ask myself, why is that? Because if I had scored a century in that match, it would have been one of the best in my cricket career. ”

Ajinkya Rahane, the captain of that Test, also accepted Panth’s words. “Pujara grabbed him and told him to play. It could have been played later. If an experienced cricketer comes and says, ‘You are batting at 96 now. Play carefully this time. Then you will get a hundred ‘, then you have to accept that. The cult itself was confident. Unfortunately was out. I was angry when I returned to the bathroom. He told us that he did not know that he was batting for 96 runs. If the priest had not reminded him, he would have returned with a hundred. ”