Rising Star Jaden Easton Gains Traction with Clever Scaling


NEW YORK CITY – Jaden Easton, who has found success as co-founder of the wildly successful company Clients & Community, is finding another wave to ride as he picks up speed with his consulting firm Clever Scaling.

“Businesses today face more challenges than ever,” Jaden explains. “At Clever Scaling, I’m helping founders align their employees, their approach, and new emerging technology like Ai to culminate  greater business success.”

Clever Scaling, founded in 2022, consults with high-value, client-based businesses to integrate the right technology, better processes, and sensible approaches to help your business to succeed, potentially growing and appreciating in value. Offering a variety of services, Clever Scaling provides invaluable feedback across mediums to help clients achieve greater success.

One of the services, the CEO Strategy Day, gives clients one full day with Jaden Easton, offering an absolute focus on clients and their businesses. “During our time together, we’ll have the conversations you may have been avoiding, addressing problems you haven’t been able to properly assess or even consider. Through this, I’ll be providing the support and expertise to give you a clearer vision and therefore, greater ease in your approach,” Jaden says. The CEO Strategy Day also includes three monthly “Strategy & Execution Calls” to keep a client’s team on track and moving in the right direction.

“The help we provide to clients is comprehensive. We help clients sharpen their vision, how to accomplish what they’re striving to do or delegate it, and implement systems to ensure accountability for their team,” Jaden says. “Having a fresh set of eyes is important, and I have the experience and the track record to back up the advice I offer.”

Fractional COO services variably provide scalable solutions to help entrepreneurs who are trying to grow their small businesses. “Essentially, our fractional COO services bring me into the core team leadership of your company. This is where I’m able to most effectively embed myself in the team’s day-to-day operations to offer the most comprehensive and contextualized advice to help your business grow.”

The Fractional COO services help teach clients to work with a senior-level team member, gleaning strategies and developing a more complete vision to more effectively maneuver through their industry. This affords a company greater success, and leadership a clearer conception of how to best proceed in an ever-developing market.

Offering a free 1-on-1 business audit, Jaden Easton is providing a novel perspective and incisive approach to business by consulting with clients through Clever Scaling. “We know that business is a little bit of a puzzle in a time where it’s so competitive. Being seen, establishing the proper sales funnels to sustain your business efficiently, and sourcing your product effectively are all valid concerns,” Jaden says. “We quell the fears and apprehension that might be plaguing a team to empower them to succeed.”

As the founder of two successful companies, Jaden Easton is moving forward with a novel approach and a deeply informed professional opinion to further shape each industry he dwells within. From the world of digital commerce to upscaling emerging and exciting brands, Jaden Easton shows no signs of slowing down.