Robotics for children 8 years old: top 5 designers


    Robots have firmly entered our lives: they clean floors, perform heart surgeries and even fly planes. A fantastic future has come, and you can become a part of it already at the age of 8 by inventing and programming the first robot.

    The Pixel School of Programming and Robotics for Children talked about the benefits of creating smart devices and compiled a selection of 5 exciting robotic kits.

    Studying robotics as a contribution to the development of a child 7-8 years old
    Designing robots at 8 years old is a useful hobby, because it develops:

    – fine motor skills of hands;
    – logical thinking;
    – creativity;
    – curiosity and courage;
    – perseverance and patience;
    – interest in learning and curiosity;
    – attentiveness and purposefulness;
    – the ability to set tasks and solve them.

    And robotics classes for children are an easy and entertaining way to get acquainted with the IT field. Robotics kits for schoolchildren do not involve complex assembly or full-fledged coding. Such robotics designers for children teach the basics of mechanics, and the child programs in a visual environment with graphic blocks. The student develops an understanding of what a robot is and what actions are important to take in order for it to work.

    You can explore robots both at home and in a robotics circle for a child of 8 years old. However, the courses have advantages:

    – an experienced teacher, ready to guide and suggest;
    – teamwork and new friends;
    – classes are equipped with the necessary, you do not have to buy anything.

    The purpose of robotics at 8 years old is to interest the child and allow him to act as a creator. If a child at this age masters the basics of development using the example of assembling and programming simple robots, then later he will be able to deepen his knowledge and get a prestigious and highly paid IT profession.

    So, what kind of robotics designers are suitable for children 7-8 years old.

    1. Lego WeDo Education 2.0
    Lego WeDo 2.0 for kids

    Robotics lessons for younger students often take place on the basis of Lego, so the process is sometimes called Lego construction for children.

    Lego robotics sets for school children include colorful parts, motion and movement sensors, a motor and a Bluetooth microprocessor. The basic software is attached to the kit, you can work with robots from different devices.

    The child expands his horizons in the topics of the world around him, biology, geography, engineering, space and strengthens the acquired skills in practice by designing thematic robots. A dragonfly, an elevator, a ship to fly to Mars – these are the build options that children create.

    More often, the constructor is used in classes for children of 8 years old in robotics circles – but you can also study at home.

    2. Huna-MRT Fun & Bot StoryYoung programmers collect characters from four fairy tales: for example, about three little pigs, one of which is a robot. The other two pigs and the wolf are static figurines.

    Other devices that the child will have to build and program: a dog, a crocodile, a bunny. Static characters – giraffe, elephant, ostrich, crab, wolf: a whole zoo.

    By the way, the fairy tales themselves also come with instructions.

    3. Matatalab CODING SET

    The set includes a control tower, a robot, blocks with symbols and a control panel. No PC or tablet needed for programming.

    The robot is on the playing field, the tower is on another field along with the blocks. The camera in the tower reads information from symbols: numbers, arrows, notes. By pressing the start button, the child transfers the task to the robot.

    The constructor allows you to develop individual quests and stories. If you buy additional sets, you can program music and drawing.

    4. BONDIBON Robot Machine 3 in 1 (BB3343)

    Armed with a Phillips screwdriver, side cutters and batteries, the child constructs a caterpillar robot that can: move forward, backward, left and right, ride on various surfaces, work like a loader, grab objects.

    It is positioned as a constructor for boys, but the organization of the work of such a serious multidisciplinary device will also interest girls. Controlled by a wired remote control.

    5. UBTECH Jimu Robot JR0501 AstroBotUsing the set, the student creates both standard robots – an astrobot, a cleaner and an incendiary dancer – and his own heroes.

    Robots can talk and wink, lift and drag loads. Lighting effects are also programmed for each device, but you can add your own – this will make the finished mechanism unique.

    You can control and program through your phone in a special application, there are also exciting quest games.

    The material was prepared by the school of programming and robotics “Pixel” . We teach children and teenagers aged 5-17 to develop games and animations, create websites and assemble robots.