VALLADOLID – Legendary Brazilian striker, Ronaldo Nazario, fulfilled his vows after his football club, Real Valladolid, was promoted to the top division of the Spanish League. He also boosted his bicycle as far as 450 kilometers (km) as a form of fulfilling his vow.

For information, Ronaldo bought a 51 percent stake in Valladolid in 2018. He also has the status of president of the Spanish club.

Unfortunately, last season, Pucela – Valladolid’s nickname – was relegated to the second division of the Spanish League. However, it didn’t take long, a year later, Real Valladolid successfully returned to the most elite league in the Matador Country.

These results were obtained after Valladolid secured second place in the final standings of the Spanish League second division. To celebrate his club’s success, Ronaldo fulfilled his promise to travel nearly 450 km on his electric bicycle.

The 45-year-old man’s journey will be carried out every week, starting from the Jose Zorrilla Valladolid Stadium. He will pass through the Camino de Santiago, which thousands of pilgrims pass every year, before ending in Santiago de Compostela.

“It will be beautiful. I know that I will suffer physically, but it will be an unforgettable experience,” Ronaldo said, quoted by The Globe and Mail, Monday (6/6/2022).

In that journey, the 2002 World Cup winner was not alone. He was accompanied by his colleagues and also a team of professional experts to help him throughout his touring.

“Ketika kami terdegradasi, saya tahu kami harus melakukan banyak pekerjaan untuk kembali ke divisi pertama,” jelas pria berjuluk Il Phenomenon itu.

“Saya berjanji, kami telah melakukan pekerjaan yang sangat baik, terutama di awal tahun, dengan semua perubahan yang kami buat dan semua filosofi yang kami ubah,” tambahnya.