Probably being one of the most interesting new ways to travel, the Round the World cheap tour is nowadays something we must stop to consider a long time before our departure. From my point of view, and I know this is something that not everybody can allow themselves to do, you should be able to have at least 1 month holidays to do it. In any case, I seriously would recommend to take an option like this for 2 months to take the maximum advantage.

The world is waiting for you, and the only thing you must first know is where you want to go, which cities you want to visit. Optimizing will turn expensive trips into a really Round the World cheap tour. Write the cities that come to you mind down on a paper, in no order at all, just as a brainstorming process. Don’t limit yourself in number or conditions. Simply take out of your brain every place in the world you can think of visiting.

The second step in the tour planning

One you have this cities in front of you, the second step in the tour planning is to write just by the side another list with priorities. Building a priority list can be something very difficult as we will have a big number of cities on the first list. A travel good way, even if it is not perfect, is to make one city compete with another and select the winner or winners.

What I mean is, take your first list and divide the cities in groups of 2. Take every group, compare the two cities, and decide which one you would leave behind if you could only visit 1 of them. If you are unable to decide because the both are very good options, don’t worry, make the both of them pass to the next level.

Once you have done it with every group of 2, you will have left some cities behind. From the ones that are still there, mix them and make them compete again following the same rules. In the end, it is like the system we could have in many competition sports. In this case, as we allow some cities to pass in case you are not able to decide, probably you will have sometimes cities left alone. Don’t let this happen. Instead, when there are only 3 cities left in the level you are working in, select the one you would leave behind and make pass the other 2. This is the way I always use in my business when helping people with their Round the World cheap tour option.

In the end you will reach a winner city or something similar. The idea is that in the way you will have your cities grouped in different levels. Now a good idea would be to list them under the level that they have arrived. A list of the cities that were eliminated in the first time, a list of the ones eliminated on the second, until you reach the winning city.

That way can take a bit of time, but in the end it is very mechanic and makes you face single decisions between 2 or maximum 3 cities instead of tourist places facing a whole list with maybe 30 cities all at the same time. This would create a chaos that makes the city selection process in a Round the World cheap tour a real mess. Human brain is better prepared to face things one after another, not all them at once.

Once you have done it, it is the time to go into the Internet and visit the 3 major operators that will take you in your tour. They are Star Alliance, OneWorld and Sky Team. Each of them works with different airlines, and all of them have very important ones that their competitors don’t have.

Now it is time to give them points also! Begin with Star Alliance for example and look first if they have the winner city. If they fly there, 10 points, if not, 0 points. Do the same with the cities on your second winning level, and assign 8 points to the city that they have, and 0 to the one they don’t. With your third winning level you should do the same assigning 6 points to cities they fly to and 0 to the ones they done, the same with 4 points in the 4th level and 2 points in your 5th one.

This punctuation system

is the one I use to organize the Round the World cheap tours for my customers, but of course sometimes you will have more levels and you will need to make levels further than 5th to count, or you will have less levels and you will need a reduced punctuation. You also probably have a winning city that you simply want to visit travel whatever it happens, so you will give that one a 20 points punctuation, etc.

You can apply changes to the system as far as you understand how it works. When you have done this, do the same for the OneWorld connections, and later for Sky Team. Every of the three now has a punctuation and it is time to take the winner that will bring you on your Round the World cheap tour.