Russian Forest Is the Biggest in the World


Forest is a symbol of Russia.

At present, the total area of terrestrial hemisphere is covered with forests. They are 38 × 106 km ². In Russia, the forest is about 8 × 106 km ². Vast expanses shrouded by dense thickets of the forest, composed of a variety of wood.

Forest – is an integral part of the Russian people. This is an environment in which the majority of the population. The presence of such a vast quantity of timber, could not affect the historical traditions of Russia, its culture and life in general. In times of old Russia, it was believed that the forest will never leave no one hungry, and feed all full.

Near the forest and within the forests, the Russian people have based agriculture, fishing, hunting. Ladies and peasant women gathered in groups went into the woods to collect berries and mushrooms. And to this day, modern Russian, enjoy spending their free time in nature, namely in the woods, where they are just as many thousands of years ago, collecting berries and mushrooms, fish and arrange the noisy celebrations.

Since ancient times, in Russia, all the houses and other buildings were built entirely of wood. Noble Church, with gold and blue domes, beautiful palaces of Russian tsars, some of which are preserved in the current modern day. Large, unusual crafts, Russian Emperors, came to the seas and oceans, conquering foreigners with their beauty and grandeur. Since centuries, to today’s modern days, everything in Russia is associated with wood: wooden houses, utensils, furnishings and furniture, the famous Russian dolls, Russian art – Shishkin “Bears in the woods, stored in the Hermitage one of the most beautiful cities of Russia, the second capital on the Neva River in Saint Petersburg.

The forest in Russia is, as many centuries later, one of the selected forests in the world. But the old tradition of wooden construction, as before, is at the highest level, the quality is Businessacademy1 incomparable to any other. You can firmly say that Russia – the founder of the wood industry. Wooden houses – a favorite place of residence of the Russian people. They are like the magnificent palaces, which are known throughout the world, his excellency and beauty, and prevailing in them the spirit of the time, reminds us of their illustrious owners.

Wood industry is the development of modern Russia.

Now, there are many notable and new companies for the production and construction of wooden houses. Prices on this natural product, is surprisingly much cheaper than in other countries, but the quality is very high. Russian sauna – so much a part of historical Russia. Laurel twigs, the famous birch sap, crazy temperature and the smell of steamed wood – all Russian banya! Just visit Russia one time and you will never forget wide landscapes and good Russian sole.