Sales of Tesla automobiles are far higher than anticipated


Sales of Tesla vehicles, which experienced a big decline early this year, may be beginning to show signs of recovery.

In the three months that concluded on June 30th, the electric car manufacturer owned by Elon Musk delivered approximately 444,000 vehicles, which is an increase of more than 14% from the previous quarter.

Although this was a decrease of over 5% from the same time period in 2023, it was significantly higher than what the majority of analysts had anticipated.

Tesla has been experiencing a decrease in demand as a result of high borrowing rates, which pressure purchasers, and a rise in the amount of competition.

A number of price reductions have been implemented in an effort to regain customers’ loyalty, and the company has also introduced low-cost financing options.

However, its achievement in this endeavor has been lacking.

It was stated in April that the company intended to lay off more than ten percent of its personnel, and the company has experienced a decline in sales during the first half of the year.

Tesla acknowledged at the beginning of the year that its poor performance could be partially attributed to supply shortages that were caused by shipping disruptions in the Red Sea as well as an alleged arson attempt at its factory in Germany.

On the other hand, analysts believe that Tesla needs to update its lineup in order to prevent competitors from making headway in the market.

The company began selling its cyber-truck in the previous year, but it is still only a small portion of the company’s overall business. 2017 was the year that saw the debut of the company’s standard Model 3 car.

Mr. Musk, who recently secured shareholder authorization for a record-breaking pay package worth over $50 billion, has sketched a bright future for the company, which is supported by self-driving cars and automation.

Even while there are concerns among industry professionals that the demand for electric vehicles in the United States in recent months has been lower than anticipated, the sector is still expanding on a global scale.

According to a recent forecast from the International Energy Agency (IEA), it is anticipated that more than one in five automobiles that will be sold this year around the world will be electric. This comprises nearly half of the automobiles sold in China and around one quarter of the automobiles sold in Europe.

Dan Ives, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, stated that he believed the worst was behind Tesla. He also mentioned that there were signs of progress in China, where the government recently declared that it will pay money to those who trade in older cars as part of a bigger boost for the sector.

“While its been a difficult period for Tesla and the company has been through some significant cost reductions (roughly 10%-15%) to preserve its bottom line/profitability, it appears better days are now ahead,” he wrote in a message addressed to investors on Tuesday.

The impending presentation on robotaxis that the company is going to give in August, he said, is going to be the catalyst for a new wave of growth.

The announcement caused the company’s stock to increase by more than six percent during the early trading session on Tuesday.