Sandalwood (Chandan) Agarbatti: Elevate Your Space with Natural Fragrance


Sandalwood (Chandan) Agarbatti: A Fragrant Journey

Experience the alluring scent of Anahata Organic’s Sandalwood (Chandan) Agarbatti to turn your surrounds into a sanctuary of peace and tranquilly.

The Essence of Sandalwood

Sandalwood, also called as “Chandan” in India, has long been prized for its powerful, woodsy scent. This holy wood is revered for its calming and purifying qualities as well as its profound spiritual significance. You may now incorporate the essence of this esteemed wood into your daily life with the help of our sandalwood agarbatti.

Key Features:

Pure Sandalwood Fragrance

Every burn of our Sandalwood Agarbatti gives off the exact same aroma of this priceless wood because it is made from sandalwood powder that is 100% pure.

Handcrafted with Care

Agarbatti sticks are meticulously manufactured by trained artisans to maintain the integrity and purity of the sandalwood scent.


Our agarbatti sticks are made to burn gently, releasing the fragrance over time so you can savour the perfume for extended periods of time.

Meditation and Relaxation

With the calming aroma of sandalwood, your meditation or relaxation periods will be enhanced. It contributes to the peaceful environment that encourages mindfulness and inner calm.

Environmentally Friendly

Our agarbatti is a responsible option for conscientious consumers because it is manufactured with sandalwood that has been sustainably harvested, and we are dedicated to using eco-friendly packaging.

How to Use:

  1. Prepare: Locate a peaceful area where you may unwind without being bothered.
  2. Light: Hold the agarbatti stick’s tip close to a flame until it starts to burn. After letting it burn for a short while, carefully extinguish the flame, allowing the stick to smoulder.
  3. Enjoy: Put the burning stick inside an incense holder or another heat-resistant container. Allow the air to become perfumed with smoke, and take in the relaxing atmosphere.
  4. Relax: Take deep breaths and let the aroma of sandalwood transport you to a state of relaxation and calmness.

Elevate Your Space with Sandalwood (Chandan) Agarbatti

At Anahata Organic, we are firm believers in the ability of natural scents to improve wellbeing and foster a peaceful environment. Our Sandalwood Agarbatti is proof of sandalwood’s enduring appeal and its capacity to improve your surroundings.

Enjoy the pure essence of sandalwood and fill your house or place of worship with a timeless fragrance. Discover the enchantment of Anahata Organic’s Sandalwood (Chandan) Agarbatti today.