Say Cheese to AI: WhatsApp’s New Profile Pic Revolution

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AI might paint a new profile picture for you in WhatsApp, as Whatsapp AI is now taking a new turn. The new Whatsapp AI is now ditching the selfie struggles and they generate a custom profile picture, which can replace your struggles in the custom profile picture. This isn’t a Sci-Fi movie or a dream, as per the recent leaks it seems that WhatsApp Watchers at WABetaInfo, the app is running in a testing phase where a feature that uses Meta AI, is the same which is used at Fancy AI stickers.

WhatsApp AI: The Artist Behind Your Next Profile Pic

WhatsApp’s new idea of taking over the AI-generated profile photos, with just a simple prompt is totally mindblowing. You heard it right, you don’t have to go old fashioned (I mean, you don’t have to skim through your camera roll for a better quality image, now WhatsApp’s AI can let you have a profile with just a simple prompt.

In this generation where selfies are the go-to choice for social media profiles, WhatsApp is rumored to have something in the works. What if you could go a step further and have the ability to use WhatsApp on your laptop too? Rather than only being used for chats, what if you could generate your profile picture through a laptop?

There are tons of amazing lightweight laptops, that are handy to handle your workload and now, guess what? the recent leaks came up with the info that Whatsapp AI is set to work on Whatsapp Web as well.

Note the fact, that this feature is still under the development stage, and may be included followed by the Android beta update, (A new news is that this version is already making mighty waves). This can be a total game changer for anyone who loves to stay a mystery even to their contact, isn’t this a good chance to hide how you appear or what your real face looks like?

So, How Does This WhatsApp AI Profile Picture Maker Work?

The main idea is this: picture yourself devastated and unmotivated by your camera roll and wanting to hide under a cozy blanket fort at the thought of taking another selfie. In this situation, the WhatsApp AI chatbot gives a big leap like a virtual fairy godmother.

How to Use Meta AI in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is currently utilizing AI even though the AI profile picture feature is not available at the moment. With text prompt stickers and integration of Meta Gen- AI chatbot which was tested in India on Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger. Attention has been paid to artificial intelligence by the app.

Though the AI Profile picture feature is under wraps, Whatsapp has drafted an amount of experience with AI. Meta Gen-AI chatbot is the best invention that integrates your text prompts into stickers. Instagram, Whatsapp, and even Messenger are now testing the artificial intelligence feature in this place.

How can one initiate a conversation with Meta AI? You may ask.

Isn’t this an interesting theory to even debate about? Well,

WhatsApp New Features: More Than Just a Pretty Picture

More than just profile pictures, WhatsApp now offers digital trends. I mean, the app is additionally introducing a new interface for media reactions and for automated replies as well. You will be able to access the mentioned contacts privately in your status section. These changes often do have a large plan in hopes of maintaining WhatsApp at its peak of innovation, to make sure that it keeps up with the current demand of users, all throughout the world.

So does this imply the fact that selfies are over?

Definitely, the answer is a big No!

Now WhatsApp is offering us a new look with its adaptability to AI. After all, WhatsApp is more than just a tool that connects people globally. Now it has taken a great leap where it engages in artistic collaboration capabilities such as conversational and image generation. Indeed WhatsApp is trying its best to compete with all the messaging apps.


As we are summing up the article, let’s touch down on the few facts that we’ve just witnessed here. Whatsapp’s New AI feature is in its testing version to make the selfie game even stronger. Whatsapp also mentioned that your privacy will be more secure and customized, thanks to AI Whatsapp features, whether you look forward to privacy or just seeking a change in the trend. Who knows? Your next display picture might become the trendy topic to talk about (Or at least within your contact list) if AI in WhatsApp is used.