School Furniture Market Set to Grow Steadily Amidst Increasing Demand for Ergonomic Solutions

The school furniture market is a segment of the broader educational furniture market, which includes all furniture used in educational institutions such as desks, chairs, tables, cabinets, bookcases, and other storage solutions. The school furniture market specifically focuses on the furniture used in primary, secondary, and higher education institutions, including classrooms, libraries, labs, and other common areas.
The market for school furniture is driven by several factors, including the increasing focus on creating comfortable and healthy learning environments, the need for furniture that is durable and easy to maintain, and the increasing demand for furniture that can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of each educational institution.
The global school furniture market is expected to grow at a steady rate in the coming years, with a focus on providing furniture that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The market is also likely to see an increasing demand for eco-friendly and sustainable furniture options, as educational institutions become more focused on sustainability and reducing their environmental impact.
Market Insights
  • Growing demand for ergonomic furniture: As schools focus on creating comfortable and healthy learning environments, the demand for ergonomic furniture is increasing. Ergonomic furniture is designed to support the natural posture and movements of students, reducing the risk of injuries and improving overall comfort.
  • Increasing adoption of technology: With the growing use of technology in education, schools are investing in furniture that can support technology integration. This includes furniture with built-in charging stations, adjustable monitor mounts, and other features that can support technology use in the classroom.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly options: As environmental awareness grows, schools are increasingly looking for furniture that is made from sustainable materials and is eco-friendly. This includes furniture made from recycled materials, as well as furniture that is designed for easy disassembly and recycling at the end of its life cycle.
  • Customization and personalization: Educational institutions are looking for furniture solutions that can be customized and personalized to meet their specific needs. This includes furniture that can be easily reconfigured for different classroom setups, as well as furniture that can be personalized with school logos or colors.
  • Competitive landscape: The school furniture market is highly competitive, with a large number of players offering a wide range of products. Key players are investing in product development and innovation to differentiate themselves from competitors and capture a larger share of the market.
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Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on School Furniture Market
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the school furniture market. Here are some ways the pandemic has affected the market:
  • Shift to remote learning: With schools moving to remote learning due to the pandemic, there has been a decreased demand for traditional school furniture such as desks and chairs. Instead, there has been an increased demand for furniture designed for home learning environments, such as comfortable chairs, tables, and storage solutions.
  • Delayed procurement: The pandemic has disrupted global supply chains, causing delays in the procurement of school furniture. Many educational institutions have postponed or delayed their furniture purchases due to budget constraints and uncertainty around the pandemic’s duration.
  • Health and safety concerns: The pandemic has highlighted the importance of health and safety in educational settings. As a result, schools are investing in furniture that can be easily cleaned and disinfected, as well as furniture that can promote social distancing, such as individual study carrels.
  • Budget constraints: The pandemic has had a significant economic impact, leading to budget constraints for educational institutions. As a result, many schools are prioritizing essential purchases and delaying non-essential purchases, including school furniture.
  • Shift in classroom design: As schools reopen, there is a growing focus on redesigning classrooms to promote social distancing and reduce the spread of the virus. This includes a shift towards more flexible and modular furniture that can be easily reconfigured to accommodate changing classroom setups.
The Major key players in the school furniture market
  • Fleetwood Furniture
  • Herman Miller, Inc.
  • KI
  • Steelcase Inc.
  • Virco, Inc.
  • Scholar Craft
  • Global Furniture Group
  • Educan
  • Ven-Rez
  • Mitybilt