Secret Fishing Spots in Sydney NSW Revealed
Secret Fishing Spots in Sydney NSW Revealed

Take a break from the city and check some of Sydney’s best hidden fishing spots. Whether you’re an angler or simply looking for fresh air, these spots will have you returning repeatedly. From secret coves to secluded bays, find your new favourite location today!

What Sydney Fishermen Need to know

You’re lucky if you’re a Sydney fisherman looking for a secret fishing spot. With over 700 islands and reefs to explore, there’s bound to be one that’s just right for your catch. To help you get started, here are five tips to make the most of your fishing trip:

  1. Pick a spot with good visibility – Sydney’s waterways can be pretty murky sometimes. Hence, finding a location with good visibility is essential if you want to have any chance of landing a fish.
  2. Stick to local hotspots – While there are plenty of secret spots, many popular fishing spots are well-known among locals. If you want to try something new, stick to these places!
  3. Bring along the right gear – Not all fishing spots offer the same type of catch, so you’ll need to bring along the right equipment if you want to land something edible. Some fishermen prefer anglers, while others go for spearfishing; whatever works best for you is what you should bring along.
  4. Be patient – Fishing isn’t always about landing a big fish on the first try; sometimes, it takes time and patience before something catches your attention. Don’t get discouraged if things don’t go as planned – chances are, there’s still plenty of fish out there waiting for someone like you!

The Best Fishing Spots in Sydney

If you’re looking for incredible fishing spots in Sydney, check out these hidden spots. There’s something for everyone on this list – from big fish to beautiful reefs. 

  1. The Spit: This area is well known for its colossal cod and whiting fishing, but it’s also an excellent spot for barramundi and other smaller species. 
  2. Manly: This is one of the best areas for tuna fishing in Sydney, with plenty of big fish swimming around coral reefs and rocks. However, learn swimming from Steady Swim School and be a pro whenever needed.
  3. Bondi Beach: One of the most popular beaches in Sydney, Bondi Beach also offers some great fishing opportunities for mackerel, bream, and snapper. 
  4. Middle Head: Just north of Circular Quay, Middle Head has long been a favorite spot for coastal anglers targeting salmon and tuna. 
  5. Clovelly: Another great spot for salmon and trout fishing, Clovelly also boasts some lovely coral reefs perfect for sea bass and other small fish species.

What Bait to use

Many Sydney anglers don’t need to learn there are secret fishing spots in the city – so here are four that you should check out. 

  1. The Botany Bay Lagoon 

This is a great spot to catch barramundi, bream, and bass. You can access it by taking the ferry from Circular Quay or going down the slope at the back of Kings Cross Station. 


  1. The Royal Military College of Australia (RMC) Gardens 

This is a great place to catch salmon, bream, catfish, and bass. You’ll need to park on RMC Road and walk past the golf course to get to the gardens. 


  1. Sydney Harbour Bridge Park 

This is an excellent spot for barramundi, bream, and bass. You can find it by following the signs from central Sydney after crossing over the bridge. 


  1. The Rocks Parklands 

This is another great spot for salmon, bream, catfish, and bass. You’ll need to park at Pyrmont Point and follow signs towards The Rocks Parklands…

How to get the Best out of your Fishing Trip

If you’re looking to catch some big fish during your next fishing trip, you need to know about the best spots in Sydney. Here are four of the best: 

1) Manly Beach: This is one of the most popular beaches in Sydney due to its abundance of fish. You’ll find everything from catfish to sharks here, so it’s an excellent spot for beginners and experts. 

2) Watsons Bay: Another popular spot for fishermen, Watsons Bay boasts excellent catches of bass, bream, and flounder. This is a good place to target larger fish and learn how to use different gear. 

3) Cronulla Beach: If you’re after salmon or tuna, then Cronulla might be a suitable beach for you. The water is crystal clear, and there’s always plenty of bait available. Just be prepared for strong currents! 

4) Crows Nest Bay: If you’re after barramundi or snapper, Crows Nest is where you need to go. It’s a calm bay with good access and plenty of bait available. Just make sure that you bring enough supplies!


Look no further if you’re looking for secret fishing spots in Sydney! In this article, we’ve shared the five best places to go fishing in Sydney without paying too much attention to yourself. By following these tips, you’ll be able to get out on the water and enjoy some fresh salmon or tuna without any of the crowds. So why wait? Get out there and fish!