Self-tanners: Dos and Don’ts

Are you eagerly awaiting the summer sun to lighten your skin? Do it yourself! However, before you get started you should be aware of some guidelines that you must keep in mind. Don’t miss this list , and discover the right way to go about it and not be doing when applying self-tanner.

What can you do?
1. Exfoliate
Utilizing a non-greasy exfoliant is the ideal method to smooth the skin, and aid in the regular use of self-tanner.

2. Waxing
Finalizing the hair (either by using a knife or using the depilatory gel) at least a day prior to applying the self-tanner can be crucial to achieve a uniform and regular appearance. Make sure to apply the wax prior to applying to avoid irritation to the skin.

3. Make sure to apply it with care
Apply the self-tanner using your hands or by using gloves. If you apply it using your hands, don’t forget to wash them promptly after application to avoid your the hands and nails from appearing differently colored as the rest of your body.
What should you avoid doing:

1. Don’t use too often.
A few coats of self-tanner will be sufficient to get the desired results. Skin doesn’t take in many products, so excessive layers can make it appear lumpy and hideable.

2. Beware of body oils
Oil can quickly eliminate the sun-tanned skin since it causes the levels of hydration to be controlled naturally. It is advised not to use the use of oil-based moisturizers following application of self-tanner.

Simple application
To get a natural tanning in the comfort of your home, suggest using Sun Zone Self-Tanning Water, suitable for body and face, and provides the skin with the natural, luminous tone. The formula is quick drying and contains Hyaluronic Acid that improves the hydration of skin to extend the length of the tan. Its application is simple and comfortable because of it’s spray-nozzle.

for Body Apply the cream with your hands or applicator mitts and gently massage the skin in circular motions for an even, smooth finish.
For Face Spray onto an absorbent pad and apply to your face using circular movements. Avoid direct eye contact.
Hands: Apply a small amount of product on the back of your hands keeping out the nails and the palms.