SEO agency: which one to choose among the thousands in Italy?

SEO Agency

You have already decided to launch a strategy to climb the  top of the results on Google , with a view to impressing the presence of your  business online , but you do not yet know which SEO agency you will rely on.

There are many companies that you have already contacted, but you still have very confused ideas because each promises  something different , at  completely different costs .

The choice is particularly difficult and, at the same time, important: starting an SEO strategy represents an investment for the future of your business.

So: which  SEO agency  to choose among the thousands in Italy? Let’s find out in this article!

First of all: what is an SEO agency and what does it do?

Even today, confusion and misunderstandings often revolve around the topic of SEO, so much so that sometimes even those who are convinced that they want to focus on this strategy do not know what we are talking about. This is why it is right to clarify and answer the question exactly and without mincing words: “ What does an SEO agency do? “.

An SEO agency is made up of professionals who are dedicated to  improving the organic positioning  of a particular site. In practice, they carry out a series of activities  compliant  with Google’s algorithms and  updates for SEO, to make sure that the top search engine “likes” a site and shows it on the front page looking for a specific keyword. It all starts with the awareness that consumers today exploit the immense potential of search engines to find answers to their questions. Whether it’s asking for information, ironing out one’s curiosity, consulting the TV schedule for the evening or looking for a specific product, today almost everyone uses Google on a daily basis. It is in this sense that an SEO agency acts: the ultimate goal is to allow your company to be  present among the first results  for  keywords  related to your  core business .

So far we have talked about theory. Let’s focus now on the practice: How do SEO professionals occupy their days? Here are some activities they do for a company like yours:

  • They listen to your needs  and your goals;
  • They analyze your business, competitors, market, products and services you offer . Thanks to an in-depth view of your  business , you can plan the best strategy for you and no one else;
  • They perform in-depth analyzes of your site  (for example, ” link audits ” to check the authority of the incoming, outgoing and internal links) to understand why Google does not evaluate it as “quality”;
  • They search for the  keywords  that belong to your sector , analyze and evaluate them as if they are the best, that is, those that have a low level of competition and a high search volume;
  • They optimize the contents of your site  to make them  compliant  with Google’s algorithms;
  • They constantly monitor the strategy  to ascertain the results achieved and, if necessary, propose new solutions to optimize it.

How to choose the best SEO agency?

It is essential to choose the right SEO agency: we are talking, in fact, of a partner who, just like in your love life, will accompany you step by step on the path of realizing your dreams and achieving your goals. He will support you in moments of difficulty, looking with you how to change direction in the best way, and will rejoice with you at the goals achieved. An SEO agency is not only the provider of a service, but the one who cares about the  growth of your  business  and makes your goals their own.

But how does an SEO agency have to be to be considered better than the others? What characteristics should it possess? How should it give you confidence? For those who are not in the sector it is really difficult to choose between one and the other, especially if they offer similar services at similar prices. Sometimes companies find themselves faced with a crossroads from which they cannot get out: this involves a waste of time and, in the meantime, the competitors who have already moved in an SEO perspective will tear you up on search engines. In this guide you will be able to understand which way to go and clarify your ideas about which is the best SEO agency (Agenzia SEO MIlano) to meet your needs… and make your dreams come true.

The knowledge phase

We have already specified that an SEO agency is very similar, in due proportion, to your partner in the love life. Starting from this awareness, we could say that it is impossible to get married with someone you don’t know well. In fact, it is important to know what the  strengths and weaknesses  of the person we have at our side are, in order to understand if we will like her personality for life or if it will be difficult to live with it for years. Also in this sense, the SEO agency can be compared to its partner: the “acquaintance” phase, that is the first appointments, the first consultations, is fundamental to be able to fully understand and, subsequently, understand if there will be a future.

For all these reasons, when you are faced with a crossroads, try to understand which of the SEO agencies you have consulted has shown you  greater openness  and has  understood who you are , what you do and, above all, why you need its contribution. Generally, an agency that takes particular account of this phase that falls within the  inbound commercial negotiation  , is recognized because:

  • He does not want to close the deal  as soon as possible;
  • It offers you more advice  to understand your needs;
  • It gives you the possibility to always interface with the  same consultant , so as not to always have to pick up the topic all over again;
  • At the end of each telephone consultation or meeting, he sends you  a recap email  with the salient points that emerged, to show you that he has listened to what you said and understood your needs.

Throughout this journey, remember that, contrary to popular belief, it will not be only you who will choose your SEO agency, but, if this is serious, it will also be the one who will choose you and your projects. An SEO agency that cares about your  business  will be able  to tell you” no “  if it is aware that it cannot help you or that it is not the best solution for you. Furthermore, he will also be able to advise you to  contact other professionals of a web agency  (for example, the  web developer  or the  SEM specialist.) if they are more suitable for your business.

In short, point 1 of our path around the best SEO agencies for you: a lot of knowledge and, above all, a lot  of seriousness  and a lot  of respect . From both sides. If you have noticed that the agencies you are interfacing with are trying to close the contract as soon as possible and are not interested in your  core business  and the objectives you want to achieve … run away!

The analysis phase

You and your partner have just finished the acquaintance phase: following numerous appointments you know perfectly well how he thinks, what his strengths and weaknesses are and your partner as well. Get together and everything looks great. It is at this point that the word “marriage” begins to leak out. A marriage is a demanding lifestyle choice and, for this reason, you need to go beyond the knowledge phase, to understand whether or not you are actually ready to take this step and, above all, if the person by your side is the right one. It is at this point that the analysis phase begins  .

In addition to consultations and preliminary meetings to get to know each other and to allow the SEO agency to understand what are the goals you want to achieve, at some point it is necessary to go further. That is, to get to the heart of the matter. The SEO agency needs to have a  comprehensive overview  of what your internet business is to give you the ability to  build a solid web presence . It is at this point that it will probably ask you for your Google Analytics login details.

What is it about? Google Analytics is a service for the analysis of your site offered by Google for free. We talked about it in depth in our article “ Google Analytics: what is it and how does it work? The complete guide ”: this tool is essential to know, at an analytical and statistical level, the progress of your site . It is from here that you can understand how many users enter your site, how many fill out the contact form because they are interested in your business, in which age group they are included and many other information.

Google Analytics is one of the many  tools  on the web that help you to have a complete overview of your site and, above all, to understand its problems and gaps. A reliable and competent SEO agency manages, in a very short time, to draw up an analysis of your site, starting from Google Analytics data and continuing with an in-depth view of the site itself. It is from this stage that you understand at what points you need to take action: are you unable to get  rankings  because your content is short and confusing, without specific keywords? You have ranked your site by  keyword too competitive or not sought after (ie, lacking in search volume)? Are links from other domains not very authoritative and viewed with suspicion by Google? It is vital that an SEO agency knows all of this information in order to establish the  tailor-made action plan  for your business.

In this sense we can say that it is necessary to rely on SEO agencies that present you clearly:

  • The gaps and inaccuracies  in your site, which do not lead to an improvement in the  ranking ;
  • The relative solutions and the strategy  to be pursued.

So, away, those consultants who trick you with thousands and thousands of words, without showing you “black and white” a concrete and in-depth analysis of your site. Away also to those who offer you packages of pre-packaged solutions, without carefully studying your case. Every situation and every activity is unique and deserves the  right attention , big or small.

The verification phase

You have gotten to know your partner thoroughly, you have analyzed each other and now you are almost ready for marriage. But one fundamental step is still missing: that of  verification . It is important, in fact, that the partner does not hide too many secrets. Investigate, investigate, investigate. Even when you trust 100%, the pitfalls are always around the corner… and the skeletons in the closet.

Seriously, we have reached – we hope successfully – the third phase of our journey around the best SEO agencies in Italy. You will almost certainly have already skimmed all the estimates that have come to you and now you are at a key point, because you are almost ready to decide but you are not yet sure. What could offer you  greater security  and the knowledge that you are not about to take a leap into the void? Without a doubt, verification.

What does this third phase involve? We are talking about  case studies , very useful tools to understand if you are on the right path or if you are completely wrong working partner. Case studies – also called “success cases” – are documents written by a company to shout out to the world its results achieved. Attention: it is not just a matter of showing who you collaborated with, but also of testifying, data in hand, to what benefits the various activities carried out have brought. You can see this in the Webproseo section dedicated to  case studies . In this sense, how should an SEO agency act?

  • At the time of sending the quote, you should also receive a  copy of the case studies  (which, however, should already be present on the site);
  • Case studies should be chosen based on your  industry . In fact, it is much easier for an SEO agency to be competent from your point of view if they have already worked with companies that belong to the same market as you, even if they are small or medium-sized. It is useless to want to overdo it by inserting highly nominated companies, if they have nothing to do with yours and cannot make you understand how the SEO agency could solve your problems;
  • As already specified, the case studies should be  long and in-depth  and contain  data at the beginning and at the end of the project .

During the verification phase, therefore, you will eliminate from your very long list all those SEO agencies that have not presented their case studies to you (do they have something to hide or do not have them at all?) And that do not have a section dedicated to them inside. of the site. By reading the case studies of the SEO agencies that sent them to you, you will be able to understand which ones are  true  and, above all,  effective  and  suitable  for your business.

The context phase

You have now come to take the “big step”. After having met, analyzed, verified your partner and understood that everything is in order, there is only one question left to ask yourself: will the mother-in-law always be around? All jokes aside, you need to ask yourself if, once you are married and, perhaps, have children, you can count on friends and relatives by your side. Will you have  reference figures  to lean on? This is a step that should not be underestimated in order not to be completely abandoned.

It is the same as what happens in an SEO agency. A complete search engine optimization strategy includes several activities and, at the same time, the need to have the  right people . For example, if the basic idea is to rewrite the textual content on your site to rank for certain  keywords , you will need a copywriter. Unlike the SEO consultant, who is particularly analytical, technical and schematic due to his professional deformation, the copywriter knows how to unleash his creativity. This way he can make the texts on your site attractive and, at the same time, optimized for search engines.

When you are about to say “yes, I do” to an SEO agency and to sign under the contract, think carefully: the SEO agency you are relying on presents the specialized figures you may need during this cooperation? Pick up the phone and explicitly request:

  • Copywriter . As we have already said, it is the “artistic vein” of an SEO agency, the figure who knows how to combine the technicality of SEO with the imagination of texts that capture the user’s attention;
  • Web designer . Another artistic vein that every SEO agency should have is the graphic designer for the online world. What does this have to do with SEO? It is likely that, along the way, you will realize that you should graphically arrange some parts of your site, to make them attractive to the user who arrives. In fact, it is essential to obtain a high ranking on Google, but it is also important to ensure that, once the visitor clicks on the result, he does not feel the desire to flee instantly. The vigilant and creative eye of the web designer will be able to advise you on the best way to go and create graphics of undisputed value for you;
  • Web developer . This figure is dominated by HTML codes and programming languages ​​and, if possible, it is even more technical than an SEO consultant: it will help you to intervene on the critical areas of your site, always respecting the Google algorithms.

In short, when you decide which path to take and which SEO agency represents the best solution for your needs, pay attention to the fact that you do not have to pay other agencies to carry out specific activities in the future. Make the SEO agency a  360 ° structure , able to satisfy all your needs without too much difficulty.

The dialogue phase

Before getting to the wedding, you have one last, fundamental phase: that of the promises, which, of course, must be kept with commitment and dedication to make things work. It is good to make it clear immediately that the marriage will not be all roses and that it may happen to have misunderstandings and internal problems in the couple. However, there is a “secret” ingredient to be able to solve every situation in the best possible way:  dialogue . Constantly confronting each other and sharing every aspect of the other’s life is an incredibly valuable step for a couple.

Many SEO agencies look for the signature on the contract and conclude the relationship with the user at that moment. This does not mean that they do not provide the service, but that they carry   out their activities in total autonomy , until the contract expires, when they return with their tails between their legs. It goes without saying that this attitude does not allow the creation of a lasting relationship and  loyalty of the customer , who feels abandoned to himself and who finds himself overwhelmed by doubts. When the time comes to sign the contract, check if, indeed, points are specified within it, such as:

  • Constant dialogue between company and service provider . You must be sure that you can receive an answer every time you call and that you can communicate with your reference person at any time. Do not think that you seem intrusive: it is your right to know the progress of SEO activities when you request it;
  • Periodic consultations or meetings . It is essential that both parties communicate actively in order to be able to initiate an effective strategy. In this sense, even when the activities have already started, it is necessary that, every certain amount of time, you and your SEO reference figure organize appointments or phone calls to take stock of the situation;
  • Monthly or bimonthly reports . What is it about? Reports are documents – sometimes even Power Point presentations – that show, step by step, the results achieved in certain periods. It is right that you, inexperienced in the sector, know if the SEO agency is working well: the reports show you where you are on the path towards your goals.

At this stage, therefore, evaluate whether the partner you will lean towards will be able to detect the right one, the one who, even when things do not go in the best way, will be able to answer your calls and be  honest with you . It is the fundamental basis of any relationship, both personal and sentimental, as well as work.

Bonus tip: avoid those who propose “seas and mountains”

Since you are particularly nice to me, I intend to present you with another piece of advice for choosing the right SEO agency for you: immediately avoid those who promise seas and mountains. As with all  marketing strategies  and, more generally, for everything, it is impossible to predict the future and know for sure whether or not you will reach the set goal. Especially when it comes to SEO: the algorithms are so broad, so diverse that it is difficult to compare the phrase “I assure you” to search engine optimization. With this I’m not saying to throw yourself into the arms of the first SEO agency that passes (otherwise I would not have written this article, don’t you think?), But not to believe too big promises. Rather, trust someone who offers you a strategy that foresees small goals , step by step, until you reach the major goals: after all, it is the single drops that, combined together, create the sea.

Similarly, also be wary of those SEO agencies that offer you results on an extremely low budget. An SEO specialist studies for years, updates himself periodically and also has a certain experience behind him: being able to take advantage of your time and his skills obviously involves a cost, which cannot and must not be negligible. Before signing a contract that includes a minimum expense, compare the different quotes and average the rates you are asked for. In this way you will be able to understand which SEO agency offers you the best services (always taking into account all the aspects to be considered) at a  fair price . Find some more specific indications in our article “ How much does Inbound Marketing cost? “.


In this article we have seen the requirements that an SEO agency should possess and how to choose it among the thousands present in Italy. Here are the questions you should ask yourself when making your final decision:

  • Did the SEO agency fully understand your  needs ?
  • Has the SEO agency thoroughly analyzed your  site ?
  • Has the SEO agency presented its  success stories to you ?
  • Does the SEO agency have important figures in the field of  online marketing  in it?
  • Did the SEO agency promise you  constant dialogue , regular meetings and monthly or bimonthly reports?