Simplest Guide for Beginners – What is SEO and Why Very Important Now’s a Days?

seo for beginners

In this article, I want to you explain what SEO is, the importance of search engine optimization for your website and the difficulties we face with search engine optimization (SEO). However, we often lack the basics to understand search engines. So in this article, I want to give you some basics on how search engines work and explain what relevance means. And, of course, a very practical question: what optimization approaches will help you get better results in Google in natural search? This blog or guest post is for you if you are an ambitious beginner and need a systematic and detailed understanding of search engine optimization.

Definition: what is search engine optimization?

  • The question is why SEO is one of your most important digital marketing channels.
  • Distinction: which search engines are relevant, and how is SEO different from SEA?
  • SEO 2021: What are the essential elements for your SEO?
  • How search works: you need to understand Google to perform proper optimization.
  • Relevance: What exactly does relevance mean to Google & Co., and why is it so important to you?
  • SEO as a process: What are the elements related to optimization?
  • Status quo: What is your visibility in Google according to Google Search Console, Ryte and Sistrix?
  • Keywords: tools and tips for search term research!
  • Page optimization: content, metadata and structure
  • Task completion: how important is task completion, how can you implement and measure it for yourself?
  • Technical optimization exercise: mobile-only indexing and key website metrics
  • Early SEO successes: how long does SEO take?
  • Key metrics: what key metrics are important to measure SEO success?
  • Updates: What critical updates from Google do you need to know?
  • SEO Manager: Do you like SEO? What are the requirements for an SEO manager?

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization involves getting your relevant content to appear in prominent places. Search engine optimization is sustainable if the user can accomplish his task(s) on the website.

Why is SEO so important?

Below I would like to present four reasons why the topic of search engine optimization is so important for you and many companies:

  • Many users: For one thing, you can check this with your web analytics data. For many companies, Google or search engines are the most important channel for attracting users to their website.
  • High conversion rates: Users coming through search engines usually have a high level of motivation on your part to achieve your desired goal. After all, users entered a search query that brought them to your site.
  • Attracting new customers: For many companies, search engines are the most important source of using common search terms to bring users to their site. This means that SEO is (often) the most important channel for acquiring new customers.


Relevant content: You need relevant, high-quality content based on the needs of your target audience, in the right formats depending on the context.

Technical optimization: You need good page accessibility, good information architecture, good internal linking, and your page must load quickly, be usable and visually stable (Core Web Vitals).

Author Bio

Roga Benton is a qualified social media expert at Bitrixis, London. She had graduated from the University of Cambridge. She is well experienced in digital marketing services and has an impressive portfolio of serving international clients.