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Shizuka is the main female character who appears throughout Doraemon and will later become Nobita’s life partner. With a lovely, beautiful personality and always appears with an image that is in stark contrast to a clumsy Nobita who is always clumsy.
Even so, Shizuka is not a 100% perfect girl, as she always has many mischievous traits, creating a closeness to the majority of children around the world.

Shizuka and the meaning of the name
Shizuka Minamoto (later Shizuka Nobi) is a neutral name in Japanese, with Shizuka meaning quiet or calm and this reflects the character’s personality. A source also said that the reason Shizuka’s parents named that was because they wanted their daughter to become a calm, proper person.

Shizuka’s birthday also coincides with Maruko’s birthday (May 8, 1965) – another extremely popular series of the same time in Japan.

If Doraemon doesn’t show up, Shizuka will marry Dekhisugi and not Nobita
Right in volume 1 of the series, we learned that Nobita is destined to marry Jaiko when she grows up. With the desire to be able to change this future, Nobita’s great-grandson asked Doraemon, a robotic cat from the 22nd century to help Nobita so that he could marry Shizuka later.

But if the future is not changed by Doraemon, who will Shizuka marry? It was none other than the boy Dekhisugi, another childhood friend of Shizuka.

In Stand by Me Doraemon, the adult Dekisugi revealed that he had once proposed to Shizuka, but she refused because Dekisugi is someone who “can do everything by himself”, so she decided to choose the ending. kissed Nobita because he was the one who saved her from a blizzard.

Shizuka and original design
In the 1973 Anime version, Shizuka first appeared as a short girl with dark brown hair and always wearing a pink dress. As time went on, Shizuka’s drawings gradually became more complete and she was also significantly more beautiful.

Shizuka was never built to be a perfect character
There are many people who think that Shizuka is the most perfect character in the group of friends, not only is she beautiful and kind, but she also has a very good academic record. However, like many other girls, she has a mischievous personality and often upsets her parents.

In the first Anime episodes, we also see that Shizuka used to steal her mother’s lipstick to play with, lie down and eat, once swallowed an expensive cat’s eye gem… Not until the following Anime episodes. The new Shizuka is depicted with a cuter personality.

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Shizuka’s personality “changed” in the American version
In the English version, Shizuka is renamed Sue to stand for Susan. Besides, through a survey of American children, when watching the original Japanese Doraemon, Shizuka’s personality was considered unattractive. So the Western animated version has cut many parts to describe Shizuka’s personality more tomboy, details describing Shizuka’s hobby of bathing too much are also omitted.