Simeone: “I’m lucky to have players dedicated to a cause”


    Simeone: “I’m lucky to have players dedicated to a cause”

    Al-Shulo analyzes the derby match, praising his team, Real Madrid, and avoiding controversy

    El Cholo appeared in the preview to face Real Madrid on Sunday in the Metropolitano, focusing exclusively on football.

    The Breederby Controversy. “I focus on what worries me as a coach, on finding ways to play a good derby game that is always special for us and the fans and to play it the way we do from our position.”

    Real physicist. “The opponent has an exceptional team of young footballers who are moving on from those who have performed at a high level in these years. It is a great team that has a habit of always getting close to winning. We have to take the game where we are most interested.”

    Key many years on the bench. “I think time is tied to results, great work on the part of the club which makes the possibility to have great footballers and to have very committed players. I am lucky as a coach because I have a lot of players and to live in transfers to continue to keep the hardest, which is to have players who are dedicated to a cause. I am lucky. “.

    Oblak. “Yes it will be.”

    Bayer defeat. “I was hoping to arrive with a win and always look from the positive side. It’s the interest. We are up against a great team with great players for many years, Benzema and others have competed here all my years and now they have the youngsters who are moving on to continue the competition as they compete.”

    injuries. “Last season cost us a lot of time without Savic and Jimenez, let’s hope this season does not happen. Everyone is working accordingly. They are important to us and give us more alternatives.”

    Real Madrid Finals. “We don’t measure those situations, but the game in general, and we try what we’re going to go through.”

    Vinicius, excessive controversy. “We live in a society in which we all participate, we are all human and it is the society we live in.”

    opposite directions. “I always think that in the big matches and in the derby it is important how you arrive, but the moment you start the game it is a new story. Everything is fine until the referee starts, it is a new movie that we don’t know the end of, that is why this game is so fun.

    Griezmann. “We understand that Morata and Joao are doing well and that Griezmann is doing very well in the 30 minutes he plays. He gives us another step, possession in attack, hierarchy and a better partnership in attack.”