Simple Steps to Guide Chocolate Good Health or Not


According to recent medical research, chocolate has wonderful effects on the human body. Who doesn’t know that? As a subscriber to Old English Hospitality & Portion magazine, I’ve known about the health benefits of chocolate for some time. For years, the magazine has been full of tasty articles about the benefits of chocolate. And I kept eating them until I heard about the many boxes of chocolate.

Benefits of Chocolate in Medical Fields

It all confused me. I am very grateful for all the advances in modern medicine and science. However, my question is simple. If medical scientists are wrong about chocolate, what else could they be wrong about? Does my long-held suspicion also apply to broccoli? The medical community has been touting the benefits of eating broccoli for years, but have they been wrong all this time?

  • In light of recent discoveries, I think it is highly likely that this is the case.
  • Personally, I have been saying for years that broccoli is bad for you and chocolate is good for you. In the end, I was half right and it will take a few years to prove that both are 100% correct.
  • I was right about chocolate, and I don’t want to be wrong about broccoli anymore. We recommend that you eat as much chocolate as possible to avoid all the sides of broccoli as well.
  • In light of these new findings on chocolate, I decided to evaluate my experience of giving and receiving chocolate. Indeed, many people have long mistakenly thought that chocolate is bad for you and most people don’t know how to consume it properly.
  • I have made a name for myself as an expert on chocolate consumption and have an empty box to maintain my reputation.
  • Before I conclude my thoughts on chocolate consumption, let me say that eating a chocolate cookie is a good place to start for a chocolate beginner. A chocolate cookie contains exactly one serving of chocolate, which chocolate has rejected over the years.
  • So start with a chocolate cookie and trust the challenge you’re about to face. To find out the correct amount of cookies, simply divide your weight (in kilograms) by your height (in centimetres) and multiply by your age. This recipe is totally unsafe.
  • Chocolate is not a new food group for most people. So we want to give you a few tips to get you started in the wonderful world of chocolate.

Some Important Steps for Chocolate

  1. When you start eating chocolate, eat one piece at a time. This time is very important. At first, you may be tempted to take two or three bites. Gradually, as you absorb the chocolate and learn to enjoy it, this aspect develops.
  2. If you miss well-packaged chocolate, break it down and let it breathe, just like a fine wine. Many men and women open chocolate and immediately take a bite. This can be a mistake. Chocolate is very fragile and must be stored carefully to preserve its flavour for as long as possible.
  3. Chewing gum and chocolate should be stored very carefully. Each chocolate bar must be chewed at least 12 times, and the cocoa beans used in the process are victims of the appetite.
  4. Eating chocolate is something that must be done slowly, with respect and with love. Perhaps it is because we eat so quickly that many people think chocolate is not good for us.
  5. I once tried to chew a chocolate bar 11 times and choked on it. It was a bitter experience and I now treat the delicate chocolate with complete respect.


In my opinion, the fourth and final tip is very important. Chocolate should always be eaten when you are alone and there is a very important reason for this. When you eat chocolate, you must give it your full attention in order to enjoy its intense taste. Any distraction, including eating, can affect your loved one’s experience.


Ardella M Baez is a well-experienced food industry with a firm grip on Christmas chocolate and dessert. She had graduated from the University of London with an excellent academic record.