We all know QuickBooks deals with financial data critical for its users. The software is designed keeping data security as a priority, but there are many mishaps that can lead to data loss. It can be true that the data incurs damage from external factors of your PC other than QuickBooks. The situation can be problematic for the users as their business can also get affected due to loss of data. Intuit offers QuickBooks data recovery service, which helps users recover lost data. If you want o know more about data recovery, keep reading the blog to discover the QB-recommended procedure to retrieve your lost data. 

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Reasons for data loss

Given below are some of the circumstances which can potentially cause damage to your data-

  • A virus or malware encrypts your QB data, making it inaccessible for QuickBooks.
  • Data corruption in your hard drive data can also damage your QB data, turning the file into an unreadable format.
  • Hardware damage is also a common issue which can also happen due to a sudden power surge while working on your PC, which can damage the hard disk.


Here’s a QB-recommended procedure to recover your data in case it gets lost from your PC-

Method- Locate your Backup File or use the Auto Data Recovery Tool

If you created a backup of your data recently, you can locate the backup file and restore it to recover your data. Locate the backup file using these steps-

  1. Click on the Preferences option in the QuickBooks menu.
  2. Tap the Backup option and select the Reveal backup folder.
  3. Open the backup folder with a double-click and use the Date modified filter to narrow your search according to the data.

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These steps will help you to recover your data successfully. But if you didn’t create a backup or the file also gets corrupted, use the procedure below to use the Auto Data Recovery tool-

  1. Create a folder on your desktop and give it a desired name, for example- Recovered data.
  2. Open the QuickBooks folder located in the C: drive.
  3. Search for the transaction log file having a similar name to the company file but extension .tlg.
  4. Right-click on the .tlg  file, select Copy, and Paste it into the Recovered data folder. 
  5. Look out for the QuickBooksAutoDataRecovery folder.
  6. Search the .adr file, and move it to the Recovered data folder.
  7. Right-click on the .adr file and select Rename.
  8. Remove .adr from the file name and save the file.
  9. You can use this as your company file now.
  10. Open this file in your QuickBooks and click on File.
  11. Select Utilities and tap the Verify data option to ensure the file is unharmed.
  12. You can use this file as your company file in the software without issues.

Your data will be recovered successfully after applying the procedure given above.


After reading this blog, you are known to QuickBooks data recovery service, which can be used in case of data loss. We hope the procedure mentioned in the blog is easy for you and helps remove the error.

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