A company is a legal entity, which means that it exists independently from the stockholders who are its owners. A corporation is given the same legal status as a “person,” including many of the same rights and obligations. A corporation cannot vote or hold public office but can pay taxes on its income. It may have been founded as a for-profit or nonprofit entity and may be owned privately or publicly. A stock exchange is where a public company’s stock is traded. A public corporation may have thousands or even millions of stockholders. Privately held companies often have a small number of owners, and their stock is not traded on a stock exchange.

A company must submit an application to the State and the corporation’s articles of incorporation (charter), pay an incorporation fee, and receive state approval before it can be recognized as a corporation. The corporation is required to create its bylaws after receiving support. Legal fees, underwriter fees for stock and bond issuance, and incorporation fees are just a few examples of the costs associated with an organization that is recognized as an intangible asset and amortized over a maximum of 40 years.


Thinking critically about potential plans and outcomes is what it means to have foresight. Each of us can benefit from having it in our professional and personal lives. But it’s twice as significant for CEOs in particular. You typically have to deal with a lot of money, investors, and business activities at once, and you’re also in charge of guiding the organization appropriately. A CEO’s most important skill is the capacity to predict what might occur in a few months or even years from now and plan for the possible results. Such are the predispositions of such an extraordinary personality of SION Trading FZE’s chief executive officer, Mr. Max Warren. He is the son of the company’s founder, Mr. Warren Barber. Mr. Max introduced the company to exotic avenues, the most profound being the gold mining projects in Honduras.


The SION Trading FZE UAE Group puts a lot of effort into growing it’s financial services company and businesses related to financial services. To build long-term value for its stakeholders, the Group keeps looking into new opportunities that could result in significant returns for the high-growth businesses within the Group.

By implementing appropriate risk management for all of SION’s operations. SION will further grow in the United States of America thanks to their demonstrated track record of investing in Eastern Europe during the early days of operation and current advancements in the financial services core business sector.