Social Media Trends For 2023

Social Media Trends For 2023

Social networks offer an ROI 1.7 times greater than that of television: 

According to a recent study by the consulting firm Nielsen, social networks offer an ROI 1.7 times greater than that of television, even with a third of the investment advertising.

Facebook continues to lose users and investment in Instagram increases:

Facebook’s user ratio continues to decline and as a result brands allocate more investment to Instagram, which is causing an oversaturation of organic and paid content on this network. Also check pinterest video indir

Instagram enters its maturity phase:

Instagram continues to gain followers, but with a more moderate growth than in previous years. The difficulty grows in this platform to capture a share of users’ attention.

Paid posts on the wall generate 80% of all interactions:

In the fight against content overload, gain a lower frequency of organic posts, prioritizing paid posts on the wall.

Commitment to vertical, creative and valuable content:

The growth of TikTok and Reels has modified content consumption preferences, which are turning towards vertical, creative and high-quality formats, ahead of more conventional advertising formats.

Goodbye to the pose.

Hello Authentic Content – ​​Branded content based on perfect images has no relevance anymore. Users demand real scenes without filters, that do not show artificial perfection, images with which they feel identified and that they can experience themselves.

Optimize the Budget, 1 format 3 platforms:

Social channels adapt and provide more organic reach to content in vertical format. Make content in vertical format and take advantage of it on all social platforms.

Snackable content:

The use of smartphones to access the Internet leads to the creation of content in a vertical format, a trend started by TikTok, which has spread to other social networks. Accounts that have started creating content in this way will see improved reach and audience engagement.

Rise of content creators:

Build relationships with content creators who produce posts for the brand.

UGC continues to gain ground:

Instagram first and then TikTok show that brands receive much more attention when the products are shown by the users themselves. User-Generated Content is a very effective content generation strategy that will also provide a more real and natural image to the content.

Active Community Manager:

Turn the Community Manager into a content creator for the brand’s channels , give it visibility and prominence. This strategy allows users to connect in a more authentic and close way.

Employer branding:

It has several employees of the company to generate valuable content around products and services. This strategy generates closeness and credibility while allowing content production costs to be reduced.

Instagram Collabs:

Take advantage of this new Instagram collaborative functionality to capitalize on the impact of influencers on your own channels and impact new audiences.

Greater CSR commitment with real actions:

Corporate social responsibility is increasingly valued by users, who tend to choose brands that communicate real socially responsible actions.

Twitch, the streaming platform that breaks all records:

The Twitch platform is revolutionizing the consumption of streaming video. Throughout 2022, this platform has surpassed the television audience in several key events led by streamers.

Streamers, the new idols of the masses:

Streamers are the true protagonists of Twitch. Their level of influence and generation of genuine content are transforming traditional journalism and content generation.

Top Management Advocacy:

The influence of Top Managers on the reputation of corporations is increasingly important and it is common for content to have a greater impact on managers’ profiles than on corporate channels.

Conversation and interaction with the consumer:

Social platforms enhance the content of those brands that generate conversations with users. It is now an obligation to talk to consumers and brands, bet on active listening and find insights and opportunities.

More social listening:

Social listening will be one of the pillars of the social media strategy in 2023. Users want attention and this implies much more than a thank you response.

Strengthen cobrandings:

Collaboration with other brands is giving very good results, and everything points to 2023 being a year in which this type of content will continue to increase.


Newsworthiness objective: various brands begin to carry out actions in the Metaverse, usually specific events that take place in real life and in the metaverse simultaneously. It should be noted that today very few users have devices with technical capabilities to access the metaverse and therefore these campaigns have an impact, especially at the PR level.

Rise of the podcast as valuable content in the RRSS:

Informative and educational content gains relevance in digital channels and the podcast is positioned as an ideal format to generate content of high value for the user. Podcasts are mainly used by service companies.

Being up to date with new formats and new networks:

It will be key to detect opportunities in new networks (BeReal, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.) and new formats