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Do you know which country has the highest ratio of utilising solar energy? Find the answer in the last line. Recognizing the importance of solar energy in Pakistan, our country is also shifting to using solar energy as a source of power. According to a report published in 2023 by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the solar energy market in Pakistan will grow from 1.3 GW to 9.77 GW by 2028. 

Solar energy has positive impacts on individuals’ lives as well as collectively. As it is a renewable energy less harmful to the environment, and affordable. Due to the increasing demand for solar energy, many local and multinational companies in Pakistan have been facilitating users with smart energy solutions.

In the blog, we have mentioned some of the best solar companies in Pakistan known for their exceptional services in providing people with solar energy.

Top Solar Companies in Pakistan

It is recommended to turn to using solar energy if you want to get rid of paying your electricity bills. Solar energy companies in Pakistan provide users with affordable and eco-friendly solutions to their electricity problems.

  • Sky Electric
  • Pak Solar
  • Royal Solar Energy
  • Alpha Solar
  • Sympl Energy
  • Reon Energy
  • Premier Energy
  • ZI Solar
  • Pantera Energy

1. Sky Electric

Sky Electric - solar companies in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Sky Electric has a diverse position in the realm of solar solutions due to its quality services including on-grid solutions, off-grid solar solutions, and Hybrid solar solutions. It is one of the top 10 solar companies in Pakistan operating since 2004 providing people with affordable solar energy solutions. The head office of the company is located in Karachi, but it has expanded its branches to many other major cities in almost all provinces of Pakistan.

On the list of its multiple features, one is facilitating its clients with free consultations to help them improve energy production from solar panels. Sky Electric mainly provides services to residential and commercial users. Residential Packages include the installation of solar systems ranging from 3KW to 30KW. For ordering, you can visit their official website.

2. Pak Solar

pak solar - solar companies in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Pak Solar is another from the list of top solar companies in Pakistan providing the best solar solutions services to clients for residential, commercial, and industrial needs. The company is known for renewable energy solutions. Besides, solar energy, Pak Solar also provide the service of utilizing wind energy.

Furthermore, Pak Solar is beneficial for people who have a low budget for the installation of solar systems. The solar company provide solar panels, batteries, and inverters at cost-effective prices. Also, the company has its products including smart solar lights, LED street lights, street lights poles, and wind turbines. The company also offers installation services as the company has expert and professional workmen. Some of the services are:

  • Residential Solar
  • Commercial Solar
  • Solar for Agriculture
  • Smart Street Solutions
  • Micro Grid System

3. Royal Solar Energy

royal solar energy - solar companies in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Royal Solar Energy has the title of being one of the best importers of solar panels in Pakistan. It has offices and warehouses in different cities in Pakistan including Islamabad, Karachi, Multan, Lahore, and Faisalabad. The company has been serving in the industry for more than 13 years having completed almost 3300 projects. In addition, to provide its clients with the best solar solution services, Royal Solar Energy is partnered with Longi Solar, Canadian Solar, Trina Solar, Jinko Solar, Znshine Solar, and Huawei. Royal Energy provides its services for residential and commercial solutions. For residential purposes, the company facilitate customers to install solar systems ranging from 7kw to 20kw.

4. Alpha Solar

alpha solar - solar companies in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Alpha Solar is one of Pakistan’s pioneers in providing solar solution services for residential, commercial, and agricultural purposes. The company also facilitate its customers with free consultation and site surveys.  It was established in 2012 and since then the solar solution company has kept itself apart from other competitors due to its dedication to client satisfaction by providing them with top-quality services and products including solar panels, batteries, and investors.

In addition, Alpha Solar is also known for its extensive energy solution including on-grid solar solutions, off-grid, and hybrid solar solutions at affordable prices. Customers can install solar energy systems according to their needs and budget. The professional team at Alpha Solar perform their job in a systematic way i.e. site inspection and survey, system installation, and after-sales services.

5. Sympl Energy

sympl energy - solar companies in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Sympl Energy is a new addition to the solar solutions industry. The solar company is known for its extensive services of solar energy solutions. The head office is in Lahore but provides services to customers residing in different corners of the country. Symple Energy Solar Company provides customers with on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid solar solution services for different purposes including residential and commercial projects.

Besides its affordable services, the company also assists its customers with the installation of solar systems, also keeps updating them about renovation in the system.

6. Reon Energy

reon energy - solar companies in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Reon Energy is transforming energy choices by navigating people towards benefiting from sunshine. The company has deep expertise in solar power, energy storage, and electrical vehicles. However, Reon Energy is known for commercial and residential solar solutions.

In addition, Reon Energy was established in 2012 having headquarters in Karachi. The company’s main aim is to lead the generation toward affordability, reliability, and sustainability by introducing them to the uses of solar energy.

7. Premier Energy

premier energy - solar companies in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Premier Energy is one of the best solar companies operating in Pakistan. The company also stands of the oldest entities that started solar energy installation in the country in the first phase of solar energy evolution. Customers can contact Premier Energy for the installation of solar solutions for domestic and commercial purposes. It also launched its products including panels, batteries, and invertors. So, along with its extensive services, Premier Energy also facilitate its customers with quality products.

In addition, the company also provide its users with solutions to lower their electricity bills by providing them with on-grid solar solutions and net metering.

8. ZI Solar

ZI Solar - solar companies in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

ZI Solar is a renowned name in the solar energy industry known for its excellent services in energy management. Its main focus is on mitigating customers’ electricity bills by providing them with the installation of on-grid solar solution services, off-grid solar solutions, and Hybrid solar solutions.

Furthermore, it offers solar solutions for residential, commercial and industrial setups. Besides, its services, ZI Solar also provides customers with its quality products including solar panels, inverters, and batteries. In addition, the company facilitate its customers with products from other brands at discounted prices with the additional facilitation of free consultation.

9. Pantera Energy

pantera energy - solar companies in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Pantera Energy is one of the best solar energy companies in Pakistan. The professional and expert team at the company is committed to providing citizens with reliable and cost-effective solar energy solutions.

In addition, Pantera Energy facilitates its clients with extensive solutions including residential solar solutions, commercial solar solutions, agriculture solar solutions, net metering, and solar financing. The solar solution company provides its clients with systems to save energy and lessen their electricity bills by net-metering and installation of on-grid solar systems. However, the company also offer off-grid and hybrid solar solution systems.

10. - solar companies in pakistan - ahgroup-pk is another from the list of solar companies in Pakistan providing customers with excellent solar solution services. It is Pakistan’s first online solar company offering solar products including solar panels, solar invertors, and batteries at cost-effective prices. Besides the quality products, the company also offer solar solution services including solar panel installation, solar maintenance services, and net metering.

In addition, one of the top 10 solar energy companies, facilitates clients with solar system installation for homes, offices, industries, and agriculture purposes.


We have discussed some of the top solar companies in Pakistan helping people with utilizing solar energy by installing solar panels.  However, there are many dams in Pakistan established to generate electricity but that is not enough to fulfill the requirements of the citizens. Therefore, installing solar panels can play a vital role in overcoming the shortage of electricity.

China is the country with the highest ratio of using solar energy.


Which is the best solar company in Pakistan?

All the companies we have mentioned in the blog are somehow the best solar companies in Pakistan as we have enlisted them after a deep understanding of the companies. However, you can consider ZI Solar, Royal Solar Energy, and Sky Electric for solar system installation.

What are the top 5 solar companies?

The top 5 solar companies in Pakistan are:

  • Sky Electric
  • ZI Solar
  • Pak Solar
  • Alpha Solar
  • Royal Solar Energy

What is the price of a 5kw solar system in Pakistan?

The price of a 5kw solar system varies in Pakistan depending on the use of products and services. However, the average price ranges from PKR 500,000 to 700,000.

Who is the biggest solar panel importer in Pakistan?

According to a recent report, Royal Solar Energy is the biggest solar panel importer in Pakistan.