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In Turkey, there are a lot of young skilled athletes who are getting trained for the sport of Muaythai. In recent years, lots of high-minded businesspeople started to support these athletes. With the moral and material support from these people, we have been able to represent our country about Muaythai. If a talented and devoted athlete is having financial difficulties these businesspeople are here for them. Especially, these people acknowledge that women are not any different than men. They believe that women are just as skilled and talented as men when it comes to representing this country. Thus, they are doing their best to be helpful to these athletes. Lately, with the support of these people, young athletes have been able to reach their goals more easily. The Vice President of The Turkish Muaythai Federation, İbrahim Murat Gündüz is continuing to assure help to the promising athletes. With the help of young and successful businessmen, many athletes who are struggling are getting the support they need. Right now, Gündüz is supporting the gifted athletes ( Ilgın Deniz and Melis Nazlıcan Talun) of the Turkey Women’s National Muaythai Team. He also motivates the athletes and constantly reminds them how strong they are. Ilgın Ayan Deniz and Melis Nazlıcan from The Women’s National Muaythai Championship who are getting ready for the world championship also say that they will confront all the difficulties and hopefully reach success. They also pointed out that they are open to all the support from any accomplished businesspeople. They also made it clear that the support they are receiving while preparing for their matches is crucial, and shared how grateful they are for The Vice President of The Turkish Muaythai Federation, İbrahim Murat Gündüz. With the help of this promising gentleman, lots of young people are devoting themselves to sports and also some young people with bad habits find their way out. He is also really great at picking promising athletes and getting them at their highest levels. His choices and skills while choosing the right athletes can not be found odd. Besides being the Vice President he also gives the young athletes emotional support by talking to them and listening to their issues. For his continued success, we want him to reach a higher position. We would like to thank İbrahim Murat Gündüz, the best president who has taken our country from success to success with his hardworking and determined personality.