Uber Clone

The gone-by years have witnessed the outbreak of the Covid Pandemic, and rise in the number of Patients succumbing to this lethal Air-Borne Virus has sent chills down the Spine of Billions worldwide. Given this scenario, the Covid-19 Fear-Stricken Commuters preferred to Travel in their Own Vehicles rather than Taxi Rides.  Such response of Customers turned out to be a rigid shackle for the Taxi Business Industry bringing it to a Complete Halt.

It has been difficult since then to gain back the trust of the Customers as they are scared of contracting this deadly Virus merely by touching the Door Knob of the Taxi. Thereby, unwilling becoming a Covid Carrier.

Moreover, the Pre-Covid Concerns such as Secure Ride, Transparency, and Ease of Access are still lingering in the minds of Taxi Users. But for every Problem aroused in the World, there’s a Solution to it! And so is the thing with the plunging requests for Taxi Ride Services. With a Top Selling Uber like Solution that aims to deliver Promising Features such as those mentioned below, it is believed to have revived the Taxi Ride Business –

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Having ultimate Control over your Taxi Business is essential in getting the most out of it. With feature such as God’s Eye View you have that Control! With this feature of the Taxi Booking Script, the App Owner James Brown can view that Taxi Driver Robert Miller is on his way off to pick up Ms. Martha from Unit 322, Copley, Ohio. He can view on the World Map on Real-Time basis that Driver John Smith has completed the Trip by dropping Ms. Olivia to E 98th St, Cleveland, Ohio. Moreover, he’s aware that Anthony, Benjamin, and Liam are Available Online waiting for their Next Rider Request.


Ms. Martha can view the Taxi Driver Robert Miller’ 5-Star Safety Ratings and Reviews. She also knows that he would be mandatorily wearing a Face Mask, and that the Ride would be thoroughly Sanitized. These Corona-Specific Features of On-Demand Taxi Booking Software lets her derive Confidence that while Riding she is Safe from deadly viruses such as Corona and Omicron.


Ms. Martha books an instant Taxi Ride using her Apple Watch which is connected with her iPhone 12 Pro. Both the Smart Gadgets have constant access to the Internet. Now, as she chooses to make the Payment via the In-App Wallet, she can see the following details on her Smart Watch Screen:

  • Taxi Driver’ Name and Face: Robert Miller
  • Taxi Number OHIO DFH 9595
  • Car Model: Chevrolet Spark LS

Such feature of this Super Taxi App frees her from taking out the Smartphone every time she wants to Book a Cab.


Earlier, Drivers had the liberty to mark Ride Status as “Arrived” even when they were far away from the Pickup Location. Such conduct of Taxi Drivers wasted time of the Users leading them to Pay Extra Fare thereby summing up to Troubled Rides. But, with Customizable On-Demand Taxi Booking App Taxi Driver Robert Miller cannotmark the Ride Status as “Arrived” unless he is in 7 Meters Distance from Ms. Martha’s Pickup Location. Hence, relieving her from the fear of Troubled Rides.


Under this feature, the Taxi Driver/Service Provider gets a 4-digit Numeric OTP on their Registered Mobile Number or Email ID. The Taxi Driver then needs to Punch-In the OTP to officially begin with the Service. On the other hand, the Rider also receives an OTP which is to be shared with the Taxi Driver. As the Taxi Driver receives the OTP from the Rider, he can securely start the Ride. This feature thereby adds double-layer security to the Taxi Ride Services.

So, that’s how it attracts Users! Now, when you’re up to giving your Taxi Business a start, Uber Clone Taxi Dispatch System could be your Ideal Assistant.


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