Steel vs. Aluminium- Which is the right choice for your garage door?

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garage door

Are you wondering which metal garage door you should install next? Steel and aluminium are both prevalent choices for garage doors these days. But which one would suit your housing style? Are you still unaware of the right choice? We are here to clear your confusion and help you make the right choice. In this article, we shall discuss about both the popular metals used to build a garage door.

Steel Garage Door

Steel garage doors make a great budget-friendly and minimally maintained garage door. The doors are magnetic, have insulation options and durability, can be customized in a lot of designs, etc. In addition, you can easily add magnetic hardware to boost the look of the door.


  • Low maintenance: Pre-painted steel doors have a fresh new look with a quick hose spray.
  • Durable: Steel doors can withstand a lot of weather conditions. They can prevent intense heat, strong wind, and heavy rain.
  • Security: Steel is a very strong metal that withstands daily wear and tear. It will protect against easy damage and breakings. You can contact a Minnesota locksmith to get additional security installed.
  • Versatile: All types of finishes and textures can be done on steel. It can result in an unlimited number of designs and color options.
  • Environmental friendly: The best part about steel garage doors is they can be recycled. Manufacturers build many steel garage doors using recycled materials that can be recycled repeatedly.

Aluminium Garage Door

If price is an important factor in deciding your garage door, then aluminum might be better. Aluminium doors are light and suitable for people living in regions with mild temperatures. It also complements and gives a modern touch to your home. They are available in both insulated and non-insulated forms.


  • Lightweight: Aluminium is way more light than steel. This makes it very easy to install. Besides, it puts less pressure on the door’s springs and other mechanical parts as it is light in weight. This increases the longevity of the door with fewer repairs.
  • Rust resistance: This metal is naturally rust-resistant. Aluminum-made garage doors are very durable and prevent rust and other wear and tear.
  • Low maintenance: Cleaning your aluminum garage doors is not a big deal. You simply spray them with a hose and clean them.
  • Recyclable: Nowadays, manufacturers build mane aluminium garage doors using recycled materials when they are replaced.


Major Difference

Security Very secure. Moderately secure.
Climatic Concerns Steel garage doors are prone to corrosion if you are living in coastal areas. Does not rust like steel, but it may still show some corrosion in coastal areas.
Weight Moderate weight. Very light.
Wind and Fire Resistance Steel garage doors are resistant to both wind and fire. Aluminium garage doors can get damaged by high winds.
Maintenance Low maintenance but scratches need to be touched up promptly, or they can rust. Has very low maintenance. Aluminium does not rust.
Cost Budget-friendly Costs more than steel


Factors to consider while deciding between Steel and Aluminium Garage doors

Some of the factors depend on your requirements and residential conditions. These are some of the points you need to make clear while making a decision

  • Does the garage door need to be rust resistant?
  • Which material garage door will be a better value over time?
  • What type of climatic condition you are living in?
  • Does the garage door needs to be durable?

Wrapping Up

Garage Doors are a very important part of both residential and commercial places. Therefore it is important to decide its right material and install the best ones. Garage doors also require proper service no matter what material they are made of. You may contact garage door repair Minneapolis for your garage door repair and services.