Steps to Eliminate the QuickBooks 2023 Keeps Crashing Issue

QuickBooks 2023 Keeps Crashing
QuickBooks 2023 Keeps Crashing
The QuickBooks Desktop application has made it very easy and convenient for business to perform their accounting functions. The software program provides a lot of features and functions to perform your day-to-day business operations. But sometimes, issues and glitches can occur, which prevent users from accessing the application correctly. If your QuickBooks 2023 keeps crashing or your QuickBooks Desktop doesn’t start, you can follow this article till the end. We will provide you with the reasons and solutions to eliminate the crashing issue effectively.

If you are having trouble performing the steps or resolving the issue on your own, you can reach out to us at 1.855.738.2784 and get assistance from our team of experts.

What Triggers the QuickBooks Closes Unexpectedly Issue?

If your QuickBooks keeps crashing, the following reasons might be responsible –
  1. There are issues with your QBWUSER.INI file, and the file might be damaged or corrupted.
  2. The hard drive containing your QuickBooks files is corrupted, leading to the crashing error.
  3. Your QuickBooks Desktop installation process is incorrect or incomplete, and the installation files are damaged.
  4. You have not updated your Windows OS to the latest release, and it has become obsolete.
  5. Your QuickBooks Desktop is not up-to-date, and you need to upgrade it to run the application correctly.

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Effective Methods to Resolve the QB Crashing Issue

You can address the QuickBooks crashes when opening problem by following the solutions provided below –

Step 1 – Activate the Selective Startup Mode to Run QuickBooks in a Safe Environment

When you are unable to run QuickBooks directly, you can try running the application by running the selective startup mode.
  1. Open the Run window by pressing the Windows + R keys and type msconfig in the appeared window.
  2. Go to the General tab and select the Selective Startup and Load System Services option to navigate to the Services section.
  3. Checkmark the Hide All Microsoft Services option and select Disable, followed by going to the Startup tab.
  4. Open the Task Manager and access the application window to end all the processes that you are not currently using.
  5. Press OK and Apply to give effect to the configuration and perform a system reboot.
  6. Lastly, try running QuickBooks again to check if the crashing problem is dismissed and switch back to the Normal Startup mode.

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Step 2 – Repair Your QuickBooks Desktop by Activating the Run Window

You can try repairing your QuickBooks by accessing the Control Panel from the Run window. Now, from the Programs and Features menu, select QuickBooks and click on Uninstall/Change. Select the Repair option and run a QB repair to address the QuickBooks opens then closes immediately issue.


If your QuickBooks 2023 keeps crashing, you can follow the steps provided in this article to resolve the issue. If you are facing problems in fixing the error, you can reach out to us for professional help. You can call us at 1.855.738.2784 to get assistance from our technical team.

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